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    Lzuruha is doing another giveaway on our social networks! this time we're doing one over on our freshly made Google+ account. We need to get atleast 10 followers to apply for a name which means we don't have some crazy URL link and will just have If you have Gmail or a Youtube account, you have a Google+ account so help us out and possibly win a game in the progress! +1 the post below and follow Lzuruha to enter. We will be giving away a copy of "The Binding of Isaac".

    What is The Binding of Isaac?

    The Binding of Isaac is a top-down 2D roguelike game in which the player controls Isaac or one of six other unlockable characters as he explores the dungeons located in Isaac's room's basement. The game's mechanics and presentation is similar to the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda, while incorporating random, procedurally-generated levels. On each floor of the basement dungeon, the player must fight monsters in a room before he can continue onto the next room. Along the way, the player can collect money to buy equipment from shopkeepers, keys to unlock special treasure rooms, and new weapons and power-ups to strengthen their chances against the enemies. Each floor of the dungeon includes a boss which the player must defeat before continuing to the next level. On the 6th floor, the boss fight is your mother and you have to defeat her stomping foot, shooting eyes, spawned enemies and splaying hands. Once you have defeated her, you cannot leave the room unless you have a teleportation. Going down the next level, you will take one full heart of damage for every hit. On the 8th floor, you have to fight your mothers heart, which also spawns enemies and shoots bombs. Then you will have the option of going to fight satan, or to fight Isaac, a boss that is stationary and shoots at you when you shoot at it, and Blue Baby which is almost exactly like the Isaac boss fight, except it fires more frequently

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      Good luck all, let's get the Google+ page going.

    • axium1998
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      Already at 4 copies of the game being given (courtesy of CarNage64) let's keep this giveaway train going! #giveawayHYPE

    • CarNage64
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      this has been our most successful giveaway to date thank you guys!
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