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The Defense is Back with $20,000 + More!


  • The Defense is Back with $20,000 + More!


    The Defense is back with new sponsors ROCCAT and Watch 24 invited professional teams and 8 teams from an open qualifier battle for a prize pool of $20,000. This ticket will entitle you to over 100 broadcasted matches by Toby "Tobi Wan Kenobi" Dawson as well as one exclusive courier.

    To get your ticket now just head here:

    We may be seeing a lot more of these extra prizes coming unique to tournaments as the Dota Team has made it clear they want to start helping our these tournament hosters and league organizers.

    A few months ago, when we introduced in-game tournament tickets and team pennants, one of our goals was to create new sources of revenue for leagues and tournaments. While sponsors and ad revenue are useful sources for tournaments, they’re indirect – the funding doesn’t come from the tournament viewers themselves. We believe that long-term, for tournaments to be stable and grow year over year they need to be self-sustainable from direct revenue, and not at the mercy of changing attitudes in sponsoring companies. Figuring out ways for tournaments to do that will take some time and experimentation, so it’s great to see the community getting involved in that experimentation, and even more exciting to see the competitive community working with the Workshop community in the process. Initial signs are good – The Defense 3 has earned several times more in its first week than The Defense 1 did in its lifetime.
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      The International prize pool is already halfway to the 15 million dollar mark in just 10 days, with 90 days to go. They're still working on building the second set of Immortal items, but they’re not quite ready yet. The most important aspect of these Immortals is their quality level, so they're also planning on spending some extra time polishing them rather than releasing them quickly.
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    • Update - February 18th 2015
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      February 18, 2015 - Valve

      Year Beast Brawl:

      -The active abilities can now be used independent of the Year Beast being alive.
      -Added on-hover tooltips for the active abilities in the Year Beast panel.
      -Added two new active abilities: Tower Flak Cannon, and Glyph
      --Tower Flak Cannon - 250 Ability Points
      For 10 seconds, friendly towers will attack all enemy units within 1000 range each time they attack.
      60 second cooldown.
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      Recently on the Dota 2 test client and as of October 21 on the main client, Dota 2 officially has been brought patch version 6.79. This patch also marks the first time Dota 2 is patched with such a large update than DotA, the last being 6.78. Now what does this patch do, well it changes a lot from heroes to items.

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      The new roster consists of old players and new players who left older teams.
      • BurNing - Remaining Team DK member as of Ti3
      • Mushi - Ex-player of Orange Esports
      • iceiceice - Ex-player of Team Zenith
      • Dai - Remaining Team DK member as of Ti3
      • Lanm - Ex-Rattlesnake play
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