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A Recap of the International 3 - Day 1


  • A Recap of the International 3 - Day 1

    To continue our recap of the International 3 we now begin with day one of the main event.

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    Day one began with the Upper Bracket match of: Na'Vi vs. Orange Esports.
    Match one:

    Na'Vi played poor to their results and Orange as well played with comfortable heroes such as Alchemist to their advantage. Orange as well had a more flexible line-up compared to Na'Vi's line-up

    Match two:

    Na'Vi takes game two against Orange by having a strong mid that Dendi their mid is comfortable to play with compared to the Dragon Knight in last match with much more aggression to help take the game with Funn1k on a roaming Bounty Hunter with track gold to play a role in the match.

    Match three:

    Na'Vi takes game three in just under 26 minutes using a combination of initiation especially shown later in the match of the Tidehunter's Ravage, Puck's Dream Coil, an the use of a high damage output from the lifestealer.

    Na'Vi takes Orange down to the Lower Brackets to face off against the winner of the Lower Bracket match of: Team Dignitas vs. Rattlesnake.
    Before this match is played the next Upper Bracket match starts between: Fnatic.EU vs. TongFu.

    Match one:

    TongFu takes game one against Fnatic.EU's strategy of using a powerhouse combination of the Weaver and Treant Protector and being the only team to do so during the group stages.

    Match two:

    Once again TongFu takes the game from Fnatic.EU who had a good early dominance and kept vision on the Roshan Pit against TongFu but the farm on the Gyrocopter was incomparable later on in the match.

    The Na'Vi vs. Orange and Fnatic.EU vs. TongFu matches are the only Best of three for day one, the remaining matches are all in the Lower Brackets, first being: Team Dignitas vs. Rattlesnake.

    Match one:

    Dignitas takes this game off of Rattlesnake with the strength of a mid-lane Timbersaw and a farming Morphling, there were many times Rattlesnake had the advantage but would just be outplayed such as the Naga Siren's ultimate Song of the Siren being stolen by the Rubick and countering a fight Dignitas did not want to take.

    With this match Rattlesnake is the first team to be eliminated from the International and being the Wild Card winners as well to a North American team which act as the home team and underdogs in a manner of speaking. The next Lower Bracket match to follow is: Mousesports vs. LGD.Int

    Match one:

    LGD.Int take the game from Mousesports with Brax on the Clockwerk and Mousesports's predictable draft line-up which consist of a four protect one which could have been effective if the game were to last longer with the Phantom Lancer who could take the lead for Mouz.

    Mousesports from this match is now eliminated and LGD.Int facing against Fnatic.Eu later on after the match of: Team Dignitas vs. Orange Esports

    Match one:

    Orange takes the match convincingly from Dignitas with early game control having the Visage and seeing a strong lane with Mushi on the Queen of Pain who would get somewhat lucky and a advantage with several Invisible and Double Damage runes, on the side of Dignitas it seemed as though their draft was not clear enough with a Timbersaw mid-lane who hasn't been practiced by Team Dignitas at all.

    Now only one team remains from North America which is Team Liquid now that Team Dignitas has been eliminated. As of now the last match of day one is: Fnatic.EU vs. LGD.Int

    Match one:

    Fnatic.EU takes the game from LGD.Int with one of their strongest carry heroes picked, the Lifestealer. Not only having the Lifestealer on Era but Fnatic.EU also had other heroes who synergy well with the Lifestealer who had a larger lead in the match with the Bounty Hunter.

    With this final match the end of day one comes upon us for the International 3, the teams that have been eliminated are:
    • Rattlesnake
    • Mousesports
    • LGD.Int
    • Team Dignitas

    The teams to advance to day two to reach being the top eight teams are:
    • Na'Vi
    • Orange Esports
    • Fnatic.EU
    • TongFu

    This day also ends with the All-Star match were players who bought the in-game item called the Compendium Interactive would be allowed to chose ten players of their liking to play against each other.

    The Match:

    On All-Star Team A:
    • Na'Vi - Puppey
    • The Alliance - Akke
    • Orange Esports - Mushi
    • DK - BurNing
    • Invictus Gaming - Ferrari_430

    On All-Star Team B:
    • The Alliance - Loda
    • Invictus Gaming - ChuaN
    • Virtus Pro - Ars-Art
    • Na'Vi - Dendi
    • TongFu - Hao

    Day one comes to an end giving more hope to some teams and to others the thoughts of failure early on. In the end of the day all these teams are still called the best in the world for being invited and fought for their spot here to play for $2.9 million.

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