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  • Vote to send your favorite players to All Star Week!

    Vote to send your favorite players to All Star Week!

    The League of Legends Championship Series is about to hit mid-season, which means it's time to start gearing up for All-Star Week!...
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  • Meet Lzuruha's Newest League of Legends Team: Inertia

    Meet Lzuruha's Newest League of Legends Team: Inertia

    Lzuruha's newest League team, Inertia recently filled their roster, and are ready to begin competition play! Please join us in welcoming LzH Panda, Psquirrel, Flaw1ess, I Barricade I, LzH Wolf, Mst Quantic, and King Valliate. They have been playing with each other for the last couple of weeks and already mesh well together. We wish them the best and can't wait to see some tournament wins from Team Inertia.

    Name: Jonathan "LzH Panda" Nguyen Role: AD carry Age: 18 Favorite c...
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  • Lzuruha's Inertia Qualifies for UBCEA LoL Intracollegiate League 2 Playoffs

    Lzuruha's Inertia Qualifies for UBCEA LoL Intracollegiate League 2 Playoffs

    Lzuruha's League of Legends Team Inertia recently played a set against Use the Elements to determine qualification for play in the UBC playoffs. Here's a brief overview of their matches: Their first game was a really rough one. Lzuruha picked Graves, Jarven, Orianna, Cho Gath, and Thresh. Use The Elements picked Vi, Lulu, Kayle, Singed, and twitch. The early game was just a farm fest, not much in the way of champion fighting. However, UTE picked up the pace and played hyper aggressive, shutting do...
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  • Introducing Alphas in the League of Legends Scene!

    Introducing Alphas in the League of Legends Scene!

    Hey Lzuruha, meet the Alphas in the League of Legends community! We are a group of all 1900-2300k ELO players who are looking to join the LCS and become professionals within 6-12 months. We strive to be the best we can for Lzuruha Gaming and to make a name for not only ourselves, but for the community as well. Our ranks range from a professional CoD player, an old Counterstrike vet, and we even have the AP Mid from the University of Texas Collegiate League of Legends team! Austin Hooge, ...
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  • Lzuruha Open #3 - Double Elimination 16 Teams

    Lzuruha Open #3 - Double Elimination 16 Teams

    Continuing our tournament series, Lzuruha is back with yet another League of Legends tournament. We are going to continue to a double elimination format and will be making full use of the weekend. This means more matches, more fun, and more chances to take the 1st place prize at the end of it all. We wish you all luck in the Lzuruha Open....
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  • Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings, Revealed

    Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings, Revealed

    Quinn and Valor are an elite ranger team. With crossbow and claw, they undertake their nation's most dangerous missions deep within enemy territory, from swift reconnaissance to lethal strikes. The pair’s unbreakable bond is deadly on the battlefield, leaving opponents blind and riddled with arrows long before they realize who they're fighting: not one, but two Demacian legends. As a young girl, Quinn shared a hunger for adventure with her twin brother. They dreamed of becoming knights, bu...
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  • Invited to NESL Open Finals!

    Invited to NESL Open Finals!

    The Lzuruha LoL team got invited to the NESL open division 5 finals! they are ranked 8 out of 16 teams participating in this event. First place gets a free entry into the premier league with teams, Dignitas, Azure Gaming, DirtNap Gaming and more! the playoffs for the end of Open Division Season 5 will start this Saturday. At 3 pm EST, the games will start. If you wanna check out action of the League of Legends team, head on over at Cinchil's steam on twitch here: http://www.twit...
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  • Going Pro in Season 3

    Going Pro in Season 3

    Hear what the pros think about the upcoming season and the challenges they faced getting there....
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  • Meet the Lzuruha League of Legends Team!

    Meet the Lzuruha League of Legends Team!

    We are a group of 18-25 year olds and we love to game. Most of us had experienced in competitive play for consoles/PC gaming. This team is a fairly old team first created by me, Darkwolf and our friend Ducky. Ducky dropped from the team to help out Cinchil with his tourneys. We picked up Caleb "xIstonian" Nolen, Austin "PHooge" Hooge and Bryan "JustBackOut" Sperbeck. They are a great addition to the team and we hope to represent Lzuruha to the fullest of our abilities. We are currently looking for...
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  • Lzuruha Open LoL Tournament

    Lzuruha Open LoL Tournament

    So I want to kick off my involvement with Lzuruha starting here in February. I'm looking for this to be a bi-weekly event open to amateur and semi-pro teams either up and coming or on the verge of participating in the S3 circuit. Here is the basic info for the tournament. It needs some work as far as prettying up the intro and such but this is the core and should be enough info to announce for late Feb on the 23rd....
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  • x10power Shock Drop of KayPeaLoL
    by x10power

    Welcome back everyone to the 2nd edition of x10power’s Shockdrop. Please keep your mouse and keyboard on your desk at all times. Please do not flip your tables or chairs as that may cause bodily harm as we are going to enter the world of League of Legends with KayPeaLoL.

    Game Selection
    League of Legends, LoLs, lols, wait they all mean the same exact thing, what is going on here?

    Well to put it short, KayPeaLol plays nothing but League...
    10-06-2015, 02:07 PM
  • 'Reflections' with LiQuiD112
    by MissFortier

    Steve "LiQuiD112" Arhancet, co-owner of Team Liquid, is the star of the 61st Episode of 'Reflections'. This interview was recorded on 13th February by Duncan "Thorin" Shields.

    Time line:

    00:00 - Intro
    00:39 - Liquid112 as a player
    06:16 - His philosophy of signing marquee names
    12:43 - Open try-outs as a recruitment method
    14:54 - What went wrong with Curse in the first LCS Spring?...
    02-18-2015, 05:52 PM
  • Team Curse Adds Piglet
    by MissFortier
    Recently a lot of League of Legends teams have been disbanding or shaking up their rosters. Curse has also just announced a shake up with their line up due to the performance in LCS. Curse management decided to bump David “Cop” Roberson down to the Curse Academy roster and bring in the SKT1 titan Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin to take over the ADC role now for Curse for 2015 LCS season. I think its safe to say all eyes will be on Curse in their first match to see if Piglet and Curse made the ri...
    10-22-2014, 01:27 PM
  • League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
    by Goldensun09

    Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises. Check out this creative spotlight by Riot below and also check out here to see what went in to create this video.

    07-23-2014, 04:09 AM
  • Update to Summoner's Rift Incoming
    by Disenchantment
    The new Summoner's Rift will be rolling out soon but what does it really mean? the fundamental structure of the map remains untouched. Flashable walls, turret ranges, lane sizes, brush interaction and ward placements are exactly as they are on the current map so what is the update really? Riot is trying to create clarity when it comes to spectating the game and create less confusion for the players with the current textures. When fights break out, the environment should be the background, allo...
    06-09-2014, 03:00 AM
  • Lzuruha Open #6
    by Cinchil

    This is the official rules and promotional thread for the Lzuruha Gaming Open, Lzuruha's annual League of Legends constructed team tournament. This tournament will be run by Cinchil (I Have Awakened).

    Tournament Date:
    The tournament will be played on Saturday, July 12th and Sunday, July 13th.

    Tournament Rules and other Info

    Prizes 1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player 2nd place: 2400 RP per player 3rd p...
    06-01-2014, 03:16 PM