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Extra Life RIFT Event!!


  • Extra Life RIFT Event!!

    Play Rift with us on October 15th and help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network!
    Last year, a few of our team members participated in Extra Life and many of you in our community supported or joined them. This year, we wanted to step it up and create an entire event around this great cause. And you are invited to join us!

    What is Extra Life?

    Extra Life is a gamer-focused charity event run by the Sarcastic Gamer team and partnered with the Children’s Miracle Network, which handles all collecting and distribution of donations received. Participants have the option to go solo or form teams for pooled donations, and direct their contributions to a children’s hospital of their choice.

    The event itself is a designated day where participants are asked to play a game or games of their choice for 24 hours straight. Although participation is largely on the honor system, many choose to use it as a chance to pull an all-nighter with their friends, loading up on snacks and cheering each other on to stay awake for the full duration in the name of helping kids.

    The Rift Extra Life Event

    The Trion Worlds Team will be playing Rift during the Extra Life event and you are invited to join us! Anyone who is registered with Extra Life can request an invitation to join our Trion guild. The Community Team and many other members of the Rift Dev Team will be playing alongside of you. We will all be creating new characters and leveling up and playing together for the whole 24 hours. We will be hosting a number of fun events and awarding in-game rewards to the winners.

    Everyone who participates will receive the in game title “the Charitable.”

    Everyone who lasts the entire 24 hours will receive the in game title “the Insomniac.”

    Participants will also have a shot at winning one of our Community in-game items: Hooty, Cookie or the Spaulders of Earthen Might!

    These items will be awarded for a variety of achievements including:
    •Highest Level Achieved
    •Most Favor Earned
    •Most Planarite Earned
    •Highest Crafting Skill (combined)
    •Most Achievements Earned
    •Most Dungeons Completed
    •Most Money Earned
    •Most Critters Killed
    •Most Artifacts Collected

    Please note that characters of any level will be accepted into the guild for the event but only characters that start at level 1 and are registered with Extra Life will be eligible for the in-game awards.

    Join us on October 15th
    •Go to the Extra Life site and register. You can choose to play with a team or as an individual.
    •Be sure to include your Rift account information to get your in game title!
    •Let family & friends know and get as many pledges as you can to help Children’s Miracle Network
    •On October 15th, join us for 24 hours of Rift and your chance at some great in-game items!

    It’s that easy! We get to have a lot of fun together and raise money for a great cause!

    We will announce the shard & guild information, including where to get guild invites, right before the event. Let us know if you have any questions and post and let us know if you plan to participate.

    Gamers have big hearts and always come through to help great causes like this. We here at Trion are thrilled to be a part of this charity and look forward to a great event this year!

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