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House: Inside Update!


  • House: Inside Update!

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    Mist is a residential area located in La Noscea territory. It is a resort village where some of our players and company house resides at. We come back with another update on the Company House! Today we get to check out the top floor now.

    This residential district is located along a beach waterfront. Housing plots are located on terraces with stone walkways. A large aqueduct extends into the center of the zone. All houses must conform to the "Riviera" style using Lominsan architecture. This district also has the Topmast apartment complex.


    What is Housing?

    For free company estates, the company in question must reach Rank 6 with their patron Grand Company to be authorized land purchases. For individual buyers, a player must have at least one class at level 50 and have a rank of Second Lieutenant within their Grand Company. In either case, once the requirements are met, players can buy an empty plot of land by examining the placard. Plots come in small, medium, and large sizes.

    After purchasing a plot of land in one of the available residential districts, players can build an estate hall once they acquire a construction permit. The hall's exterior can be customized by selecting from a variety of roofs, exterior walls, windows, and doors. The player can also remodel the interior with everything from wallpaper to ceiling lights, and add a personal touch with a variety of furnishings and ornaments. Players may also install garden beds, summoning bells for Retainers, an aetheryte crystal, and a chocobo stable.

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