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Blizzard Interviews Vodka on Raiding


  • Blizzard Interviews Vodka on Raiding

    In what has become a tradition, the World of Warcraft Live Raid makes a return to the Main stage on Saturday, October 22 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. To help you get to know the guild a little better, Blizzard Entertainment asked vodka a few questions.

    Q. What was the catalyst for creating your guild?

    A. vodka: The catalyst for vodka can be seen in the long standing ideals with which the guild was built upon during the classic era of World of Warcraft. vodka aims to be a guild that is not only comprised of talented players that hope to be successful in raiding in World of Warcraft but a place for friends to gather and call home. We foster an environment where players not only grow and develop but become a part of a tight-knit guild community that enjoys playing together. While success and excellence are what we pride ourselves on it is the fun and shared experience that keep us playing together.

    Q. What drives your guild to stay ahead of the curve?

    A. vodka: vodka is just comprised of many likeminded individuals with a passion for the game and a desire to be the best. Every member is not only skilled as a player but also highly motivated. We set goals and work hard to accomplish them and I think all the members of the guild push each other to become better players in the process.

    Q. Does your guild have a favorite raiding moment? What was it?

    A. vodka: There have been a lot of special moments for vodka in raiding. It is not our accomplishments that are at the top, but rather the silly moments that stand out to us. Every guild has them and can relate. Most recently, it was during our Heroic Ragnaros progression. During phase 2 of the encounter, we had designated one person to direct the raid when to move from Molten Seeds so we could do so in sync. We all stand stacked tightly together anxiously waiting for the call every wave. After doing so countless times you almost know instinctually when to move, and more importantly, that something doesn’t feel right when you are standing around for too long. There really is not anything more comical then that person forgetting to yell "MOVE!!" as you find yourself and the entire raid flattened in a blink of an eye because no one moved despite knowing better. You can’t help but just laugh.

    Q. What advice would you give to guilds who are trying to conquer current and future Raiding content?

    A. vodka: I think the best advice we can give would be to just keep raiding and have fun with it. With enough practice and patience, any obstacle can be overcome. In the end, no matter the difficulty, sharing that experience and accomplishment with friends is the true reward. So find the right place to play and enjoy the game with them, all the while pushing yourself and those around you to be better every day.

    Q. Do you have any last words to share before you face the World of Warcraft Live Raid at BlizzCon?

    A. vodka: We would just like to thank Blizzard for providing us with this opportunity and all their hard work in developing the game we all love. In addition, thanks to all the vodka fans out there. It is our hopes to represent the US on a worldwide scale in World of Warcraft as a guild that is not only talented and accomplished but has a positive impact on the raiding community. Hopefully, you enjoy watching us.


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      key words is >HAVE FUN WITH IT< a lot of people forget that!
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