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Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly Depleted! 2/10M NH


  • Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly Depleted! 2/10M NH

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    The cavern at the base of the Nightwell is a maelstrom of raw energy, as the power to fuel an entire civilization courses from the earth. Born from this chaotic flux, the Chronomatic Anomaly is an embodiment of the power of the Eye of Aman'thul. As it lashes out with energy attacks, the bursts of energy warp the very flow of time.

    So what are the changes on Mythic difficulty?

    On Mythic difficulty, two Waning Time Particles will spawn, on opposite sides of the Nightwell.
    • The raid will have to assign groups to handle the "left" vs "right" adds
    • Do not split the raid evenly - tanks must stick together to continue swapping for Chronometric Particles
    • Send stronger DPS and more healers to the side with the tanks, and fewer healers/heavy interrupts to the side without the tanks
    • Avoid pushing both Waning Time Particles below 30% health at the same time
    • The side with the tanks should kill the Waning Time Particle quickly, so that a tank can interrupt Power Overwhelming
    • This group should finish off the Fragmented Time Particles before moving over to assist the smaller group with their adds
    Both of the Waning Time Particles will create Temporal Rifts. It may not be necessary to collect the second add's Temporal Charge from this, as it may be a while before the tank can use it to interrupt Power Overwhelming, and another set of adds may spawn in the meantime. Use your judgement on whether to collect the Temporal Charge or allow it to despawn.

    Additionally, the fight progresses through a different phase order on Mythic than on any other difficulty.
    • As always, the fight begins with Speed: Normal
    • However, the Passage of Time transitions to Speed: Fast about 35 seconds into the fight
    • This is independent of any Power Overwhelming/ Temporal Smash
    • 5 seconds after the first Temporal Smash, the fight enters Speed: Slow
    • 5 seconds after the second Temporal Smash, the fight enters Speed: Fast
    This phase list is incomplete. Further phase transitions will be listed when more information is available about the fight.

    Finally, each time Chronomatic Anomaly casts Time Bomb, two targets are affected, rather than one

    Read the full guide here:

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