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1/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras!


  • 1/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras!

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    As punishment for past failures Goroth's flesh is marred with searing wounds. With every movement this behemoth makes, his flesh crackles and hisses with unending torment, a scourge he is happy to inflict upon those who oppose him. Unfortunately for him, it will not be against us as we claim his life in our encounter now making Lzuruha 1/9 Mythic on US-Sargeras Alliance!

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    Currently recruiting!

    Raid Days and Times:
    • Tuesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    • Wednesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    • Thursday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

    Lzuruha is currently recruiting reliable players for Legion but will accept other exceptional players not listed:
    • Mages
    • Rogues
    • Hunters
    • Ele/Enhance Shaman
    • Boomkins/Resto druids
    • Casuals also welcome!

    (Strong logs are a plus but not required)

    Any further questions can directed to our Officer core on Sargeras-US (Alliance):
    • GM: Carnagesixfo (CarNage64#1366)
    • Officer: Kinoy (Kinoy#1165)
    • Officer: Xportal#11866

    What's different in MYTHIC?

    Aside from abilities dealing more damage in comparison to Heroic Difficulty, there are a couple mechanical changes to the Goroth encounter on Mythic difficulty.

    The Melted Armor left behind by the Burning Armor tank debuff now increases damage taken by 300% rather than 200%.

    Infernal Spike pillar which is destroyed will deal a small burst of damage to the raid.
    • This results in a small amount of extra strain on your healers throughout the fight, however in certain circumstances this damage can be problematic.
    • If there are a large amount of pillars active when Infernal Burning is cast, the raid will take a large burst of damage. Healers may want to compensate for this by assigning healing cooldowns for each Infernal Burning.
    • Additionally, playing targeted by the Shattering Star want to destroy a maximum of 4 pillars, as the damage reductions applied to the Shattering Star for any additional pillars will be overriden by the incoming damage of those pillars exploding.
    The raid will also have to deal with Rain of Brimstone roughly every 40 seconds.
    • This will cause 4 meteors to spawn in random locations in the encounter area. These meteors will each spawn a Brimstone Infernal add.
    • The Brimstone Infernals have ~600 million hp and will channel fel fire, which deals a large amount of ticking damage to the raid.
    • If a player stand within the meteor, they will prevent the Brimstone Infernal from spawning, but will take a burst of damage which is split evenly between all players within the Meteor.
    • It is vital that all 4 meteors are soaked each time this ability is cast, as the high health pool coupled with the devastating ticking damage from the Infernals will quickly lead to a wipe.
    As the Meteors spawn in entirely random locations, you need to have the raid spread out around the encounter area.
    • Tanks should keep Goroth to one side of the room, and be responsible for soaking the Meteors that spawn in that location.
    • Melee DPS should assist the tanks in soaking any meteors that spawn in that area.
    • Ranged players should be spread around the middle of the room, to ensure that all Infernal Spike pillars spawn close to one another.
    • When meteors are due to come in, Ranged players should then be prepared to quickly move to any that spawn far away from the boss.
    These meteors can be solo soaked with large damage reductions and immunities. Classes that have these capabilities should try to solo soak as many meteors as possible to keep incoming damage low and raid output high.

    More in depth here:
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