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Mythic Life Binder's Essence Free. Now 3/11M!


  • Mythic Life Binder's Essence Free. Now 3/11M!

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    Lzuruha's US-Sargeras Alliance guild is now 3/11 Mythic after saving Eonar! Though she was felled by the blade of Sargeras, the Life Binder's essence escaped the grasp of the Dark Titan. After millennia spent hiding in isolation, Eonar's sanctuary has been discovered by the Legion.

    Should her soul fall into the enemy's hands, Eonar's powers of nature and growth will be perverted to make the Burning Crusade unstoppable.

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    Raid Days and Times:
    • Tuesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    • Wednesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    • Thursday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
    What we offer:
    • Flasks, food(feasts), potions, gems, and codexes are provided by the guild. BoE's that drop in raid are given to the Raidleader and sold to fund to this. ( Discounts are offered to guild members who are interested!)
    • A stable guild: The guild has been raiding since WotLK to current content.
    • Drama free. We don't like that stuff, just come be chill.
    Loot system: Loot council (Rclootcouncil)- Raiders>Members>Trials.
    The officer core prides itself on making the wisest choice when handing out gear. If an officer is going in on a piece of loot they do not vote on who gets it, same if they are irl friends or longtime friends.
    Required addons:
    • DBM/BigWigs
    • Rclootcouncil
    • Astralkeys (not required but helps seeing who has what key quicker)
    Lzuruha is currently recruiting reliable players for Antoris but will accept other exceptional players not listed:
    • Mage- Fire/Frost
    • Rogue- Asassin/Sub
    • Warlock- Destro, Aff, or Demo
    • Priest- Shadow
    • Hunters- Bm/Marks
    • Shaman- Ele/Ehn
    • Druid-Moonkin/Feral
    • Casuals also welcome!
    (Strong logs are a plus but not required)
    Any further questions can be directed to Kinoypriest- Btag Kinoy#1165
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