I am laying in bed as I type this intro into my "Notes" section of my iPhone. Why is this important? Because I am a firm believer that a person's best(and most interesting) musings occur right before sleep. You know, the type of thoughts you wish you could remember the next day Anyway, I am sure you are reading this for my thoughts on gaming rather then my thinking habits.

I find myself in a strange place as it comes to video games. I fancy myself a speedrunner, yet I have been streaming casual plays for the better part of a month now. #MarioMania as its come to be called was created for very specific goals.
1. Generate donations for a puppy
2. Increase viewership
3. Bring back the "fun" of streaming

As it stands right now only number 1 has been completed. Number 2 will come in time but I fear I won't make it that far. This could be the tired me saying this but I AM SICK OF MARIO!! Granted soon enough I will begin #ZeldaMania and the merry go round will start anew. I am bringing this up because with the first goal being competed, the entire concept of viewers donating for their favorite games to be played seems a bit beggerish for my taste. This brings me to the weird place. I casually stream but long to speedrun. In reality I play the iOS game Final Fantasy Record Keeper more than anything else. Weird. I can't bring myself to not continue #MarioMania but lack motivation to grind it out to a finish.

This was never supposed to be a giant Eeyore moment of depression so let's move to happier subjects! This next month brings an event that showcases the best and worst parts of speedrunning culture to the forefront of media. Summer Games Done Quick will be taking over everyone's lives within a matter of weeks. I say the best and worst part because it shows what gamers can really accomplish if we put our heads together. It unfortunately also shows how cancerous and immature we can be on a worldwide stage. Some people, speedrunners included, shy away from these types of events for many reasons. Many will echo the truth that the speedrun world is an immature vindictive community that is better left alone.

I feel lucky to be a part of the Lzuruha community. While it does have its drama, it is on a much higher level of professionalism and family that just cannot be found elsewhere. This was never meant to be a recruiting pitch but if you are reading this and are looking for a supportive family environment to grow your stream, we are here for you. Feel free to message me at any of the links below for more info.

Well I feel like I have droned on enough and need to go to sleep. I am not sure how often these "blogs" will surface but it does feel good to just bleed my thoughts into this. Give me some feedback on here and let me know maybe some topics you want to hear my drone on about! Take care guys and good night!! Make sure to follow me on the appropriate mediums via the links below.

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