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Attack plan help [During wars]

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  • Ari
    Don't try to understand the AI.


    Dumb Wizards:

    Dumb Queen:

    But on a more serious note. you need to kill the corners of where you want to hit. It helps "funnel" them through the middle of the base as the AI is suppose to attack the closest target near it so this way you can somewhat manipulate it.

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  • sirpenguin
    started a topic Attack plan help [During wars]

    Attack plan help [During wars]

    I'm having trouble understanding the AI mostly, let me explain. I'm TH9 and I may have prematurely upgraded to it, however the issue lies here:

    I'm still in constant farming mode, so outside or wars my attacks contains mostly of archers and barbs with a few EQ spells. SO when it's war time and I go dragons it seems I'm fucking up more than usual lately and mostly because of the way the ai moves.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to place the dragons to get them to move where i want them to?
    Or should I change up my strat?

    Here's my current stats:
    Barb lvl 6
    Archer lvl 5 (lvl 6 in 6 days)
    Giant lvl 5
    Goblin lvl 3
    Wall breaker lvl 4
    Balloon lvl 4
    Wizard lvl 5
    Angel lvl 3
    Dragon lvl 3

    Minion lvl 1
    Hog Rider lvl 1
    Barbarian lvl 1

    Lightning lvl 4
    Healing lvl 4
    Boost lvl 3
    Jump lvl 1
    Freeze lvl 1
    Poison lvl 1
    Earthquake lvl 1

    Archer Queen Lvl 3
    Barbarian King Lvl 6