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Developer Q&A: Round IV

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  • Developer Q&A: Round IV

    Q&A with Supercell Devs on reddit:

    Ahoy Clashers!

    We are back with Round IV of the developer Q&A's. For those of you not aware - we have been running Developer Q&A's over on the Supercell forum for a few months, and are now opening this up to Reddit aswell in order to bridge the gap between the two communities. Ultimately - we both come to our respective forums for one reason... We all have a passion for Clash of Clans. So it makes sense to us, that we open this up to both the forums and get everyone involved! (Dont worry - the reddit mods are in on this too :P)

    So - here is how this is going to work:

    Monday 23rd Jan:

    This thread is for you to post your question to the developers. Make sure your question is unique and well thought out. Please read other people's questions before submitting yours, so that you dont waste your 1 and only question. Yes that is correct, you are only allowed to submit one question! So think before posting.

    Saturday 28th Jan:

    This thread will be closed, and a new thread will be created with a link to a poll using Google Forms. We will be selecting 5 questions from both forums allowing for 10 questions total in the poll. Your task is to vote on the question that you most want to see answered. We will be selecting questions that we believe to be the most beneficial to the community and the most interesting/fascinating.

    Wednesday 1st Feb:

    The poll will be closed and the top 5 most voted questions will be sent to the development team. The reason we dont just send all the questions, is because it puts most of the control in your hands. It allows the community to send in questions, and then vote on them. Then we dont end up with comments such as "Supercell only responds to the questions they want to answer".

    At a later date:

    As soon as we get the answers back - they will be posted to both forums. We dont like to set a date for this, as sometimes things can get held up! The team are super busy, and to answer these questions requires some significant time. Estimated time is around 1 week to get the answers.

    So - that is it! Please post your questions below!

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