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June 2019 Update Dev Video

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  • June 2019 Update Dev Video

    If you're lazy just check out the video here:

    Builder Hall 9 is coming soon, and with its arrival there’ll be some new and interesting twists once you upgrade your Builder Base.


    When you upgrade to Builder Hall 9, you will unlock the following features:
    • 1x NEW: Lava Launcher
    • 1x NEW: O.T.T.O Hut
    • 20x Walls
    • 1x Firecrackers
    • 1x Spring Trap
    • 1x Mega Mine

    New Troop: Hog Glider


    Hog Rider is someone who’s been missing from the Builder Base roster ever since we showed the first maritime cinematic where he helped ferry everyone across the sea into this strange, new land. Therefore, it’s about time he was represented in your army (just don’t ask where he got the glider from; we don’t actually know).

    In his new incarnation, Hog Glider is an air troop that will target defensive structures. Hog Glider’s first attack will temporarily stun the enemy defense before he drops down below with his trusty Hog steed and reverts to a normal Hog Rider. Should Hog Glider be shot down before reaching his intended target, he’ll surrender his gift of temporary flight and will return to his terrestrial porcine athletics as a regular Hog Rider.

    As with the Home Village Hog Rider, he’ll bypass walls by dexterously hopping over them and will target enemy defenses as his primary choice.

    Hog Glider Stats
    • Favorite target: Defenses
    • Damage type: Single target
    • Targets: Ground
    • Units per camp: 2
    • Movement speed: 24

    Hog Rider
    • Spring weight: 12
    • Movement speed: 32

    Porkchop sandwiches

    *First number is for Hog Glider/Second number is for Hog Rider

    **Stats are for Hog Glider

    All Troops can now be upgraded to level 18. Below are the following stat changes when you upgrade your Star Laboratory to level 9:

    Raged Barbarians:
    • Level 17: +10 DPS and +29 HP
    • Level 18: Improved Rage Ability

    Sneaky Archers:
    • Level 17: +7 DPS and +20 HP
    • Level 18: +2 units per Army Camp

    Boxer Giant
    • Level 17: +7 DPS and +279 HP
    • Level 18: +8 DPS and +307 HP

    Beta Minion
    • Level 17: +7 DPS and +20 HP
    • Level 18: +2 units per Army Camp

    • Level 17: +7 DPS and +20 HP
    • Level 18: Improves Big Bomb ability

    Baby Dragon
    • Level 17: +8 DPS and +127 HP
    • Level 18: +1 units per Army Camp

    Cannon Cart
    • Level 17: +17 DPS and +39 HP
    • Level 18: +18 DPS and +43 HP

    Night Witch
    • Level 17: +18 DPS and +39 HP
    • Level 18: +19 DPS and +43 HP

    Drop Ship
    • Level 17: +257 HP
    • Level 18: +283 HP

    Super P.E.K.K.A
    • Level 17: +59 DPS and +611 HP
    • Level 18: +65 DPS and +672 HP

    New Defense: Lava Launcher

    Gooey Splatooey

    What better way to thwart your enemies’ advances than by hurling gobbets of molten rock at them? Introducing the new Lava Launcher; the basalt ballista…the ashen arbalest…the pyroclastic pitcher.

    The Lava Launcher heaves payloads of lava that leave a smoldering crater at its impact point. The remaining scorched area will continue to do damage to ground units that come into contact with the crater. Yes, the floor is literally lava.

    Lava Launcher Stats
    • Build Time: 24h
    • Range: 10-20 tiles
    • Damage type: Area splash
    • Targets: Ground
    • Favorite Target: Any

    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn

    *DPS/Max DPS

    NEW: O.T.T.O Hut

    Now that Master Builder is ready to traverse the Clash world, he has completed his latest masterpiece: O.T.T.O Hut, the charging station for his newest creation.

    Once the O.T.T.O Hut is built, you will need to complete a series of tasks to upgrade the O.T.T.O Hut. After your tasks are completed and the Hut is fully upgraded to level 5, you will then gain access to O.T.T.O, the friendly Builder Bot who will tend to matters while Master Builder is off sojourning to the Home Village.

    O.T.T.O will allow the Master Builder to leave the Builder Base and become the 6th Builder in the Home Village. However, if Master Builder has returned to the Builder Base, then O.T.T.O will count as a second Builder.

    The next sneak peek will be on Thursday, June 13th.

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    Some big changes coming to Legends League, I might push rank finally


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      The cloud update is why I will push back to Legend again instead of sitting down in Titans.