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Quick Guide to Suicide Blimps

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  • Quick Guide to Suicide Blimps

    Saw this on reddit and just incase it gets deleted i'm posting here because it has some decent information on the underused blimps. Original post can be found here:

    Click image for larger version

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    On this first base, a suicide blimp from directly at 3 is going to give you an incredible value. In this blimp you can put 7 max loons and right before the blimp pops over the 2 AD section you can use either a rage or a haste right over the 2 ADs. For this hit I used a haste over the ADs and was able to take down 2 black bombs, 2 ADs, an inferno tower and an archer tower. Also no CC came out so I knew there was no threat to my lalo. This allowed me to suicide my heroes at 12 and lalo from 6-12 clockwise, with a skelly spell in a rage to take out the queen. If the hit was fresh you can bring a poison spell in case a witch is in the cc and use it on queen or air skellies if not.

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    Base 2 you will notice a similar value from the suicide blimp. Once again you can put all loons into your blimp and drop it at 12. With just a haste over the 2 ADs I was able to get both ADs, an IT, 2 Black Bombs, a tesla, and the sweeper. This time there was a bbd and witch out of the cc. Using my heroes at 9 walking them towards 6 I was able to poison the cc and get a fair value out of the heroes. Lalo from 3-9 clockwise with a backend heal for the wizard towers and you are looking good!


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      Click image for larger version

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      The last base I’m going to talk through is going to be a completely different way of using your suicide blimp. You will notice that the large compartment at 3pm has the queen inside of it, but if you suicide loons they might not get a lot of value and will certainly not get the queen. For this attack I used a blimp full of Valks and a rage. I dropped the blimp just north of the lab, pre raged the IT section and popped my blimp when it was right over the IT. This got me both Wizard Towers, an IT, the Queen, and,pulled the CC. The cc contained a valk, witch, BBD and my raged valks destroyed the enemy valk and witch leaving only a bbd for me to poison and kill.