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Season 3 Balance Changes!

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  • Season 3 Balance Changes!

    Season 3 Balance Changes!

    Coming with Season 3: Be Legendary on September 2nd
    Executioner - REWORK
    • Damage +98%
    • Hitpoints -5%
    • Range reduced (min 4.5 - max 6.5) > (min 3.5 - max 5)
    • Hit Speed reduced 2.4sec > 2.5sec
    • Faster Axe return time (1.5 sec > 1.1sec)
    The Executioner has lagged behind in win/use rates for a while in competitive play. The issue with buffing him has been his general toughness and lack of counterplay. Due to high health, long range, and spatial control, a buff would make him powerful with only Rocket to defeat him on defense.
    We wanted a solid ranged attacker that could counter Fireball-bait type strategies, especially squads of Barbarians. This change will kill Barbs with one axe swing, and leave Musketeers with just a sliver of health. Executioner will be less well-rounded – now he is extremely powerful in favorable situations but less effective against long range attackers.
    Royal Ghost
    • Area Damage Radius: 0.8 > 1
    Dark Prince
    • Area Damage Radius: 1.2 > 1.1
    For the last few months, Dark Prince has dominated the melee Area Damage role, outclassing Royal Ghost and Valkyrie. Dark Prince is slightly above acceptable win rates, so we are going to give him a small nerf to his hit area, and a big increase to Royal Ghost to ideally balance out their usage.
    • Range: Long > Medium
    Last month’s change was designed to be a small nerf but ended up being a mild buff. We were torn last month between Melee: Medium or Long range for P.E.K.K.A, and the past month has made it clear that Medium is a more appropriate range for PEKKA without a further Hitpoints nerf.
    Goblin Cage
    • Goblin Brawler Speed: Very Fast > Fast
    The Goblin Cage has sported the highest win rate in Challenges, including a huge usage rate in the 8+ Win range. We wanted to reduce its effectiveness against Hog Rider and dampen the counterattack potential, so we are putting him between the Medium speed Goblin Giant and the Very Fast speed Goblin Gang.
    • Elixir Cost: 4 > 3
    • Damage: -11%
    Fisherman is being reduced to 3 Elixir to create a role as a support card/useful when played in combinations with other cards. Instead of making him a well-rounded brawler at 4 with massive stat buffs, we want to make him an interesting alternative to Tornado
    Bug Fix
    Giant was displaying Melee: Long on his card statistics, whilst being a Melee: Medium card. The card statistic now correctly displays Melee: Medium, which accurately reflects his Range.