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Reverting Executioner & Witch Changes

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  • Reverting Executioner & Witch Changes

    Reverting Executioner & Witch Changes


    Hitpoints: +5%Hit Speed: +4%Range: Increased (4 - 5 > 4.5 - 6.5)Projectile Radius: +25% (800 -> 1000)Damage: -45%

    Ultimately, we have come to realize that while our heart was in the right place, this rework was fundamentally flawed. Area Damage/splash attackers provide a mechanical crutch for players to handle swarms. Whereas great timing and placement allow for non-area attackers to pull off amazing defensive tricks (think of all the things Musketeer + Ice Spirit can defend). If area attackers like Executioner are statistically the same (or even better) than other more high skilled cards, it lowers the skill cap of the game overall by making these defensive plays just a feature of a card that is otherwise viable in a multitude of 1-on-1 situations.


    • Added Area Damage to attacks
    • Damage: -49%
    • Hit Speed: +42%

    The community reacted very strongly to Witch losing her Area Damage radius over the past month, and rightly so. After listening to passionate arguments from the community, we want to say you are all correct – we should not fundamentally change the function of cards.

    If you spent time and effort to level up Witch as your primary Area Damage dealer, it is not fair to have that change overnight. Because of this, Witch is receiving her Area Damage back with a more familiar damage/hit speed.

    We opted against a full revert of the Witch rework for two reasons.

    First, the pre-September balance change Witch was very problematic for casual/Ladder play and needed some form of change - whereas the original Executioner was not nearly as frustrating.

    Secondly, there are many aspects of her that feel much better, the new deployment pattern of Skeletons and the increased damage per hit for example make her feel more imposing and useful in a variety of situations. What she is really missing currently is the Area Damage and faster Hit Speed that Witch users have come to rely on.

    This Executioner & Witch changes will go live with the next update, expected to land near the end of November.