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Triple Elixir Challenge: PEKKA X-Bow brief guide

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  • Triple Elixir Challenge: PEKKA X-Bow brief guide

    Triple Elixir Challenge: PEKKA X-Bow brief guide

    Click image for larger version

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    This here is the deck I used to get a perfect 1st run in the hectic triple elixir challenge. Though it has a Siege weapon, it really focuses on Pekka counterpushes aided by baby Dragon, Tornado, and X-Bow.

    Match Breakdown:
    Golem: 8 appearances, games 1-8.
    PEKKA Bridge Spam: 1 appearance, game 10
    Giant NW: Games 11-12; 11 had GY too
    No lava hounds.

    PEKKA: In triple elixir, even a 4.5 elixir deck can get four or five PEKKAs in play at once. With so many golems in triple elixir (8 in a row), she's a great counter to the "triple elixir meta".
    X-Bow: Use of the X-Bow in this deck is a bit variable. Sometimes this is deployed when full on elixir and a Pekka is in the same lane: the PEKKA defends the X-Bow, and the X-Bow then snipes support and swarms; its synergy with PEKKA is actually very potent, especially for finishing off troops that aren't quite killed in one hit, such as executioner or a Lightning'd IT. Alternatively, it can be used as a pocket/ surprise card, for example if they are unable to tank it, bring it out then. Following a similar train of thought, it can be used to bait tanks only to kill them with PEKKA. And finally, it is a potent defense due to its long duration, high hp, and high range- watch out for rockets.
    Baby Dragon: A lot of people are using Executioner, which is great for this deck- PEKKA chops him up. Baby Dragon, unlike Executioner, is a flying troop; and at just 4 Elixir, it will rarely provide spell value (Rocket or Lightning appeared in 5 enemy decks).
    Tornado: Tornado has synergy wth Baby Dragon as it clumps troops up; it also is useful for bringing foes toward PEKKA, or even for dragging foes behind the tower for an overtime X-Bow to lock on.
    Lightning: Triple Elixir means beatdown, and that means Lightning is useful. Executioners, Electro Wizards, Wizards, Night Witches, and more Lightning susceptible targets are very common. Furthermore, expending six elixir for a tower cycle isn't as punishing as in a standard battle. Careful with the placement, don't clip a tank if you can hit something better.
    Skeletons: Generally Ice Spirit is a higher tier. But in this deck and gametype, I prefer skeletons. They allow you to invest minimal elixir to shut a foe down without taking too much damage; also, they pair well with PEKKA to distract enemies, namely other PEKKAs . If you really want to, use Ice Spirit instead.
    Elixir Collector: In twelve matches, only one rocket was encountered, and if they rocket EC they can't rocket your push or X-Bow. Elixir Collector is easier to get away with because the triple elixir allows you to prepare a PEKKA, which can defend a whole lot of stuff. Sometimes enemies overcommit when they see the EC, run into a PEKKA, and get counterpushed to a 3 crown.
    Minions: Non-lightning, versatile air troop, I guess. They work nicely.

    Replays (using EveryCord; some ends got cut off)
    Game 6:
    Game 7 (look at those ebarbs... man):
    Game 8:
    Game 10:
    Game 12:
    Original Source: