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    It's really a shame Nintendo doesn't do what Sega did for the recent Sonic Mania and really support the scene and even Project M.

    "A certain company that acknowledges us but refuses to push us -- I hope you're listening right now, because I want you to hear this," Debiedma remarked as a crowd full of Smashers cheered. "I want you to hear the amount of people who support this league, the amount of people who want this to be a lifestyle for people. This is not just a video game. This is a lifestyle! All right?"

    It's not that Nintendo, which develops and publishes Smash Bros., doesn't support esports at all, it just doesn't focus on Smash. At this year's E3, Nintendo's new games ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Pokken DX were all featured in tournaments on the show floor. In fact, it has already partnered with ESL, the world's largest third-party esports tournament organizer, in showcasing Splatoon at some tournaments. Nintendo is aware of the massive esports market waiting to be tapped.
    ... Reggies Response:

    The president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, later responded to Hungrybox in a conversation with Stephen Totilo of Kotaku. Fils-Aimé stated his company's role is "community-oriented. ... It's enabling the community to drive it forward." He further confirmed that Nintendo "want to do this much more at a grassroots level than others' visions," and described being adverse to "leagues and big up-front payments and things of that nature."

    This prevents Smash from enjoying marketing tools that esports like League and Dota have. Take, for example, Riot partnering with Coca-Cola in an extensive marketing effort for the Legends World Championships last year. To bolster the international viewing experience, the two companies collaborated with cinema partners to host more than 200 simultaneous viewing parties across Canada, Europe and the U.S. Along with featuring a 1080p stream of the finals, the event was presented with live pre- and post-show coverage. Obviously, this marketing move gave the tournament and scene wide exposure to the public eye.
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    i personally had this conversation with my mother actually and told her about Sonic Mania and what it led to and she cant believe how Nintendo is so anti fan built things her biggest argument is its practically free work all you have to do is market it and support it a little bit more than they are already doing themselves and you have a smash hit that cost you a fraction of what making an original flop would GG Nintendo