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False's Brawl Documentary: SMASH 3 Intro/Trailer

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  • False's Brawl Documentary: SMASH 3 Intro/Trailer

    There are stories waiting to be told. This Super Smash Bros. documentary aims to tell the history of some of the greatest players to have touched a controller. Stories of international rivalries, passion, and divides are all at the end of the third addition to the franchise's lifetime. The main chronology follows the happenings between Apex World Championship events and profiles each year's grand champion, among other influential figures.

    Hey guys, thank you for your patience thus far on the documentary. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed into making this project possible. I've been hard at work on this and plan to have the final product out by Q4 of this year. For now, I've decided to release the intro to the pilot episode as a trailer.
    follow the director/producer false: