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How to play Newcastle in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

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  • How to play Newcastle in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

    Season 13 has introduced the Heroic Defender Newcastle to Apex Legends and all of his abilities revolve around protecting his squadmates. Here are our top tips for how to play Newcastle in Apex.

    Season 13 of Apex Legends kicked off on May 10, and Newcastle was the main attraction of the update, alongside the Ranked overhaul.
    With a defensive kit that’s centered around protecting his teammates at all costs and dragging them to safety, Newcastle is perfect for those who prefer to take a more selfless role in a squad.

    Although mastering his kit won’t be an easy task, those who put in the hours will be capable of shielding and protecting their aggressive teammates, giving them the best chance of securing the victory.
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    How to use Newcastle’s abilities in Apex Legends

    Passive: Retrieve the Wounded
    Newcastle’s Passive Retrieve the Wounded allows the Heroic Defender to drag downed allies as he revives and protects them with his Revive Shield.
    The durability of the Revive Shield is determined by the tier of Knockdown Shield that Newcastle has equipped.

    Tactical: Mobile Shield
    Newcastle’s Tactical Mobile Shield deploys a drone that projects a moveable energy shield. By reactivating the ability, Newcastle can command the shield to float in a specific direction, allowing him and his teammates to retreat or push toward an enemy squad.
    The shield lasts a total of 20 seconds if it’s not destroyed and is made up of a top and bottom section, each deflecting a total of 350 damage.

    Ultimate: Castle Wall
    Newcastle’s Ultimate Castle Wall allows him to leap to an ally or target area and slam down, creating a fortified stronghold wall that provides cover.
    In total, the ability has a 120-second cooldown and each section of the wall has an impressive 750 health. Not only that, the outward-facing side of the wall is electrified, stunning and damaging enemies who attempt to climb over it.

    Key tips & tricks for Newcastle in Apex Legends
    1,Keep a close eye on your teammates

    As simple as this tip sounds, it’s absolutely essential that you stay in Ultimate range of your allies at all times, as the Newcastle’s kit is completely centered around protecting his teammates.
    While playing Legends like Octane, Wraith, and Bloodhound, you can afford to stray a little too far away or hyper-focus on securing a kill.
    However, as Newcastle, your abilities are so invaluable to your teammates, that it’s important you’re always ready to leap to their safety or drag them out of danger if necessary.
    Remember, Castle Wall has a leap range of 35m, so that’s a rough guide of how close you should stay to your squad at all times, just in case they run into trouble.

    2. The silent revive technique

    Although Newcastle’s Passive is ideal for aiding fallen teammates during intense gunfights, it can be a hindrance when you’re looking to pull off a stealth revive under the nose of your opponents.
    This is because the Heroic Defender’s res-animation makes more noise than any other Legend on the roster, immediately giving away his position.
    Well, as showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber More OhDough, if you unequip your Knockdown Shield before reviving a teammate, the res is almost completely silent.
    Of course, this is a trick that won’t always be useful, but when you’re looking to remain undetected, it’s a technique that could save your entire squad.

    3. Reach vantage points with your Ultimate

    As Castle Wall is on a 120-second cooldown, it’s an ability that you should be using regularly to gain advantages for yourself and your squad.
    While its primary use is protecting allies from gunfire, it can also be utilized to leap up into vantage points and power positions. This can be incredibly useful in the late game when you want to get the high ground over your opponents.
    Of course, this does have a chance of backfiring as you may not have the ability ready to save a teammate, but it’s definitely a trick worth having in your back pocket.
    Hopefully, this guide has given you plenty of tips and tricks to completely master the new Legend Newcastle.