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Is healing late game REALLY this rough?

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  • Is healing late game REALLY this rough?

    Was browsing Reddit and some are saying healing has become far more difficult lately now?

    The fight's surprisingly very healing intensive for a dungeon boss with a lot of things going on at once, and the fight demands a lot of movement (Which unless the person in question is playing AST, mobility isn't particularly a healer's strongest suit). While I'm personally used to healing for EX/Savage content, not every player will be and the sudden jump in expectations in a realm of content that generally doesn't expect so much from healers may be a surprise. I honestly don't think I've seen a final dungeon boss require this much from healers since The Vault back around HW's release, so expect some mistakes from those who might be healing it for the first time.
    A lot of bosses this patch seem to be very healing intensive.
    Guess SE took the complaints about healing being boring (and healers must DPS to spice it up) to heart.
    Group wide damage everywhere and they hit for nontrivial amounts too - like ~50% of a DPS max HP at ~iLv 360.
    PS: The bosses this patch are pretty brutal as a whole. Alphascape 3 & 4 ... so many vote dismisses abandons. I’m almost tempted to just not do them until everyone gets better gear via tomestones
    Have you noticed this late game? Alaguster Blkdragon

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    yeah healing has always been a bit rough in this game but from what I've heard its definitely gotten harder


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      It certainly is. Although, a large portion of the damage can be mitigated by personal defensive cooldowns and boss debuffs if timed properly.