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  • Mount Farming Feedback

    Hey guys I would like some input on what order you want to do the rest of the mount farming so I can plan it out a bit better. For this week it sounded like we wanted to move on to more dogs so Tsukuyomi and then start with the aspects (working on a post for the unlock for those tonight sorry I'm a bit behind).
    What we have left that I was planning
    5 trials for dogs
    Ala Mhigo-4man
    The great hunt -4man
    Savage Omega
    Shadowbringer trials?
    I want to do things in the order everyone else wants, so do we just want to bang through trials? Go in the order listed? Start and end time with an Ala Mhigo since it takes longer and has a low drop rate? Hold off on the 4 man ones fully? Do we want to do Shadowbringer content? Am I missing something you want to farm for? Please give me your thoughts.

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    since i have not been able to participate as much due to streaming other things i jsut want to offer feedback in saying good job on organizing it and getting people engaged keep it up!


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      I want to do everything you listed I do prefer to do all the trials first though but I don't care too much.


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        i'd say do all the Stormblood trials then do the savage raid mounts, like we did for Heavensward. Personally i want to do the great hunt, i need some Rathalos lol