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  • Titania EX Cleared!


    Originally the King of the Pixies, their name actually a title, Titania was once the ruler of the various fae tribes and fought against the sin eaters. Titania ended up becoming a Lightwarden after striking down the previous one, yet retained their form and aspects of their personality due to their strong will. The fae folk were forced to seal Titania in Lydha Lran castle, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn collecting the four relics needed to enter it. The Warrior of Light defeats Titania, absorbing their light while restoring night to Il Mheg. Due to the nature of succession, Feo Ul decides to become the next Titania so the Warrior can remain mortal, and pledges the fae folk's support against Eulmore and the sin eaters.
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    Good work guys.