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Phasmophobia Updates Jan 2021

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  • Phasmophobia Updates Jan 2021

    Starting to get a little dicey I hope they keep amping it up with more scary stuff. The doors is a nice touch. Good luck dying Disenchantment CarNage64 Cowboyshadow Seshi

    1. The ghost can now open doors, closets and lockers when hunting. This can be stopped by holding the door.
    1. The ghost can now hear Non-VR players when hunting in single player without you using push to talk.
    2. The ghost can now open locker doors similar to normal doors.
    1. Fixed several "safe spots" in all levels.
    2. Fixed a bug where the ghost would get stuck when trying to navigate to a location it couldn’t reach such as a closet or locker.
    3. Fixed a bug where you couldn’t change the difficulty to professional if you were below level 25.
    You can follow the changes here or check on what they are working on here:

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    Virtual Reality Might be coming to Nintendo Switch


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      wonder if phasmo will come on nintendo stuff someday then although with them having no plans with PS who had PSVR I dont know if it will

      Unfortunately, there are no current plans to launch a Phasmophobia PSVR port. There’s no Phasmophobia PS4 release date to look forward to as a result.