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LZURUHA adds CS:GO roster

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  • LZURUHA adds CS:GO roster


    Most of you probably don't know me yet, but maybe you will soon. LZURUHA has now branched out to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and sponsored their very own roster, led by EricN, to compete in CEVO-IM Season 8 and ESEA-O Season 20 as well as various tournaments, leagues and online ladders. So, without further ado, please welcome your LZURUHA CS:GO roster:

    IGL - "dyonz"
    Support - "EricN"
    Entry - "blehhs"
    AWP - "koL"
    Lurker - "ephruM^"

    Positions and roles are subject to change as we continue to adjust our gameplay. We hope to place into CEVO-Main and ESEA-Intermediate in the coming seasons. We appreciate any support you guys can offer.
    Thank you. Please help me welcome to team to their new home.


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    Welcome to the team sir.


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      Can't wait to see you play and play against!
      Afroking LoL
      Battletag Elderfro#1453


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        Do you guys stream? I'll also put this up as an article!


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          Right now, i stream I know kol does as well

          You may also see our demo's for all our past practice scrims here

          We have been working VERY hard for the lzh brand and have dedicated hours to perfecting each map in the map pool for the upcoming cevo season along with various smaller tournaments.

          Currently, we are 3-1 in scrims with our loss ending in a double overtime fight with us losing by a couple of rounds. While we aren't at scrims to WIN, but rather practice and build synergy - we have been tearing it up so far and pose a large threat to many teams that we will be competing against next season.

          We currently practice 2-3 times a week for a few hours every night - along with demo reviews, and running through maps working on dry executes. We also are on almost all the time pugging with each other, so always hit me up then as well!

          Once we hit near season, we will ramp up to 4 nights a week practice, and go from there.
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            Just wanted to double post to say that we will be playing in the Circa Esports Tourney in the next couple weeks! for more info

            Grand prize is $300, July 8th to the 12th. It will be livecasted, so you can tune in to watch us in the evening. With this experience under out belts, things are looking up!


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              gl guys cant wait to watch being a former cs competitor I always enjoy watching good matches


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                Made a post with your post :S

                WELCOME YET AGAIN!


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                  Just a quick update. I have been streaming some of our matches defaulting at Currently we are 17-6 regarding our record pre-season scrims. We also are on a 10 win streak so far


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                    I been lurking Kappa


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                      Wow .... sounds very cool, I hope your team performs well in the tournament. It's great that you managed to create a team in which everyone wants victory and achievements in this area. I hope everyone will soon hear about the LZURUHA team and their players, good luck! Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to play cs: go due to my busy work schedule, but if possible, I can happily devote the evening to watching cs go tournaments.
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