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  • theScore esports and Semmler Podcast

    Semmler on not casting with Anders anymore, FaZe Clan's roster troubles and the rise of PUBG

    Podcast topic timestamps:

    4:21 Semmler on couch casting Malmö with Thorin, Vuggo and natu

    12:33 On the meta moving from headshots to a more structured style

    14:30 After DreamHack Masters, should FaZe Clan fans be worried?

    23:37 OpTiC's all-European lineup, and the problem with NA CS:GO

    32:17 Why PUBG is so popular, especially with CS players

    51:30 Overwatch, and how a failed OWL could hurt esports

    1:01:18 On pros complaining on social media

    1:09:40 Semmler reveals that he and Anders are on a hiatus as a duo