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FACEIT changes to skill rating, ladders and negative behaviors

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  • FACEIT changes to skill rating, ladders and negative behaviors

    FACEIT changes to skill rating, ladders and negative behaviors. Read more in-depth at the URL

    • ‘’Some players are abusing the system by stacking with players who are lower-level’’ — At the end of each match, Elo (our skill rating), league, and ladder points updates will take into account a penalty that will be applied whenever players are playing in parties with high discrepancy in terms of skill level.
    • ‘’There are too many smurfs and booster accounts’’ — We are launching an automated system able to monitor, detect and punish abusive behaviours such as smurfing and account boosting at scale; each ban issued by this new system will also trigger an Elo revert mechanism to remove or give back Elo to players who play in party with those banned players or lose matches against them.
    • ‘’Some players like to grief in my matches by repeatedly blocking other players or pretending they are afk’’ — Minerva has received a “silent” update to automatically detect and punish few cases of toxicity that happen within the gameplay with “afking” and “blocking” — with more capabilities on the way soon
    • ‘’I often get players I can’t communicate with in the same language in my team’’ — To start addressing this issue, next week we are going to apply a new logic in the background when we match you and we will keep monitoring the general feedback around the effectiveness of that approach.
    • ‘’Sometimes I feel the players or issues I reported in a ticket are not being addressed/solved’’ — We are finalising other new features that focus on improving the way we collect and manage reports from the community to allow our Community Support team to be more effective in prioritizing the most urgent cases and make faster decisions.