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Guide to Runewords in Diablo II: Resurrected

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  • Guide to Runewords in Diablo II: Resurrected

    This guide will explain how to use Runewords, what kinds of gear will accept them, and how to create them. It also presents a complete lists of all known Runewords.

    Runewords are only available for players who are using the full Expansion mode of D2:R, which includes the Lord of Destruction (LoD) expansion. They are not usable for Classic players who choose not to use the expansion.

    Runewords must be created and inserted carefully into armor and the correct type of weapons. Runes must be inserted into the correct type of gear, in the correct order, or else it will not create a Runeword and give bonuses. There's no going back; once you've put the Runes in, there's no removing them without destroying all your Runes. Blizzard will not restore gear or Runes because you made a mistake! If you are looking for Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes, Runewords, Charms, Set Items, Unique Weapons & Armors, Jewels, Misc, etc. Just google search Aoeah and check it out, use code FORUM for discount!

    Runeword Rules

    Players must have the LoD expansion to use Runewords. Classic players who prefer to play without the LoD expansion cannot use Runewords.

    Runewords only work in non-Magic socketed gear. Magic, Magic Rare, Set, or Unique gear does not work with Runewords, even if it has the correct number of sockets. Using Runewords is way to upgrade the quality of non-magic items to something that can be amazing. Only grey-text gear items with sockets can accept Runewords (Normal, Exceptional, Elite in any quality including Ethereal). The only exception to this is the item Wirt's Leg, which is not magical and often has sockets, but does not work with Runewords.

    Runewords must match the gear type. A Runeword for a weapon will not work as a Runeword for a piece of armor. It gets more complicated when it calls for a specific weapon type. A Spear and a Polearm look similar but are separate weapon categories, so a Polearm Runeword will not work in a Spear. There are a couple Runewords such as Spirit and Phoenix that are both Shield and Weapon runewords -- they use the same runes, but have slightly different end properties.

    Runewords come in varying lengths from 2-6 Runes, and must match the number of sockets exactly. Runewords only go into the same number of sockets to work -- ie. a 3-word Runeword only works in an item with 3 sockets. Inserting a shorter runeword into a gear item with a larger number of sockets doesn't create a Runeword. For example, if you're trying to use the three-item Runeword JahIthBer into a four-socketed Chest piece, you'll only get the individual properties of the three component Runes (Jah, Ith, and Ber), but you will not create a Runeword due to the socket number mismatch. This prevents players from using multiple short Runewords on a single piece, or adding something like a Hel rune to reduce the item requirements.

    Runewords must be inserted in perfect order. Double check to make sure you have the correct runes and that you insert them in the exact order they appear. For example, if you are trying to make JahIthBer, you must drop Jah in first, then Ith, then Ber. The interface will drop them into the correct sockets. If you drop Ber (the last rune) in first, it will still drop into the first socket by default, ruining your Runeword. While automatically dropping runes into the correct slots is a nice failsafe to make sure you don't drop the runes into the wrong socket by accident, it means it's crucial to insert them in the exact order of the word.

    A Runeword may raise the required cLvL (character level) of a piece of gear. A Runeword has a cLvl based on the highest level rune that makes up the word. For example. JahIthBer has a cLvl of 65, because its highest level rune, Jah (#31) has a base cLvl of 65, even though the lowest rune, Ith (#6), is clvl 15 . While it's unlikely that you will have Runes that are much higher level than your character, it's possible to use a Runeword that's too high for your character's level and inadvertently make that piece of gear unusable for a time.

    Acquiring Socketed Gear

    Non-magic socketed gear is not hard to find -- normal farming will do it. Finding the correct gear type with the exact number of sockets for the Runeword you want is the hard part. This is one case where Magic Find works against you. If you're trying to find socketed gear, you want to lowest possible Magic Find score.

    A great place to farm non-magic Socketed gear is the Secret Cow Level. By stripping off Magic Find gear, you can get a large number of Normal Socketed drops for armor and weapons, or Normal versions you can then take to Larzuk for socketing.

    Only Chest Armor, Helms, Shields, and most Weapons can be socketed. For example, Thrown weapons, including Javelins and throwing spears, cannot be socketed. The number of sockets an item will usually have is in direct relation to its iLvl (item level). Higher ilvl items are more likely to have more sockets.

    Runeword Charts by Type

    There are four charts for each type of gear that can accept Runewords: Chest Armor, Head Armor, Shields, and Weapons.

    The Required Level refers to the minimum required cLvl level of the highest level rune in the Runeword. It will not reduce the required cLvl if placed in gear with a higher cLvl requirement.

    All tooltips are text-searchable and listed in order of minimum level.

    Chest Armor Runewords

    There are 20 Chest Armor Runewords. Seven are class-specific -- not restricted, but built with that class in mind.

    Head Armor Runewords

    There are 5 Rune Words for Head armor. All use either 2 or 3 sockets.

    Shield Runewords

    There are 9 Runewords for Shields. Five can be in other gear types. Those that share the runeword with Weapons have different properties between Shields and Weapons. Most Shield runewords work in Shields, Paladin Shields, and Shrunken Heads. Those that are for Paladin Shields may only be inserted in Paladin Shields.

    Weapon Runewords

    Weapons are more complicated. Weapon Runewords work in some weapon types but not in others. These restrictions are all listed in the tooltip below the Runeword name. The following list explains the different categories and the weapons included in them. There are potentially confusing distinctions, particularly between Axes vs. Polearms, and Maces vs. Clubs/Hammers/Scepters.

    The tooltip class of the weapon may not match the Runeword rule below; be careful! For example, the tooltip for a Hammer, Club, or Scepter says that it is Mace Class, but these are not considered Maces for Runewords. A Heart of the Oak Runeword is only for Maces and Staves; inserted into a Club, Hammer, or Scepter, it's just a collection of expensive runes that doesn't turn into a Runeword. Choose with care!