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Towns of Sanctuary: Kingsport

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  • Towns of Sanctuary: Kingsport

    Kingsport Bill is a tome found in the first act of Diablo III. It is needed to complete the achievement A Quick Study and can be obtained after recruiting Lyndon and listening to his conversation "Lyndon's Origins".

    It reads as follows: "Wanted: one relic, scarlet, roughly the size of a man's fist. It was stolen two months past during a deplorable theft from the Merchants Guild Bank. Those apprehended were not in possession of the item. The relic is greatly missed by its rightful owner, who offers a reward for its safe return."
    Whereas Westmarch fills the role of the pinnacle of a civilized medieval city, Kingsport is it's shady counterpart. Located south of Westmarch and Khanduras, Kingsport is a city full of merchant and thieves guilds and can be a very dangerous place for those not privileged enough to escape it's slums. Kingsport was the home to both Adria and Lyndon. The Nephalem would briefly visit Kingsport during the events of the Reaper of Souls in a failed attempt to save the life of Lyndon's brother, Edlin. Edlin had been murdered by his own wife, Rea, who left a taunting note daring Lyndon to come back and find her if he wanted revenge. What adventurer wouldn't love the chance to visit Kingsport proper? Heroes have visited tiny villages, ruined fortresses, and majestic cities in Diablo, but never have we had the chance to dig into the slums of a crime infested urban sprawl. In Kingsport, adventurers would have plenty to see and do; find redemption (or revenge) for Lyndon, dig deeper into Adria's past before she fell to the dark powers, and maybe even bust up a crime syndicate or two.

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