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Winning ti 2015, EG Drops Aui without explaination.

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  • Winning ti 2015, EG Drops Aui without explaination.

    Aui 2000 was kicked from EG after winning ti >_>

    Click image for larger version

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    Changes to the EG Dota 2 Lineup

    Rather than have people speculate or message players for answers, I'm going to go ahead and announce the new EG Dota 2 roster: Sumail, Universe, Fear, PPD, and Arteezy.

    Yes, Kurtis was removed from the roster. The rest of the players decided that the above roster was what they wanted to go forward with.

    Personally, I'm deeply affected by this and I'm very sad to see Kurtis go. I've known him the longest out of anyone on the team. He was the one that originally asked me to be the manager for Potm Bottom years ago, and I cannot state enough how depressed I am to see him go. I cannot imagine how much worse he feels.

    Professionally, I trust the judgment of the captain and the other players. I will not make roster decisions on their behalf and I will not force players to play on rosters they don't want to play on. EG is deeply grateful to Kurtis for what he has helped contribute, and will continue to support him in whatever he decides to do and wherever he decides to go. I say this both for myself and on behalf of the organization.

    -Charlie Yang