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A guide to DOTA 2 for beginners

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  • A guide to DOTA 2 for beginners

    I was really starting to get frustrated with DOTA2.

    This article helped me feel a bit better and gave me some good pointers. I really appreciate the LzH people for being patient with my scrubbiness. HunterAngel#1749 - XBoxLive: HunterAngel - PSN: HunterAngel81 - Steam: HunterAngel -\HunterAngel

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    I'm glad you posted that. It is by far the single best guide for new players.

    I've be incredibly busy and had a DotA Hangover after TI4 but now I'm working on making a series of guide videos for everyone to use


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      Can't wait to check them out Infoutlaw, and thanks for posting this HunterAngel I'm sure this will help a lot people out.
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        All you need to do at first to learn how to play at least one role. If that is a problem then you should master at least one champion. There are actually several heroes that are good for beginners. I found some of them in this guide.


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          Thanks for sharing..
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