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Offline Mode Spotted in a Hearthstone Update

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  • Offline Mode Spotted in a Hearthstone Update

    Offline Mode Spotted in a Hearthstone Update

    • GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_BUTTON_IM_APPEARING_OF FLINE You can't challenge {0} right now. You are set to appear offline.
    • GLOBAL_CHAT_SENDER_OFFLINE You are currently offline.
    • GLOBAL_CHAT_SENDER_APPEAR_OFFLINE You may not send chat messages while you are set to appear offline.
    Jeff talked about it awhile ago if you remember here:

    We would like to add an "Appear Offline" option to Overwatch. We are in the process of coordinating this with and the other game teams. Because our social system is a cross-game system (WoW, Hearthstone, Heroes, SC2, D3) adding this functionality is not trivial for us. I know there has been discussion around this feature for a long time, and things have definitely not moved at a rate which is acceptable, I can assure you we care about the feature and want to figure out how to make it happen.

    For your particular issue regarding invites, you can go into the Social Options menu and turn off invites.

    Thanks for being patient with us.
    Thank you for this. I was wondering if/when this would be added.
    I wish I had a definitive "when" to provide. Hopefully a decent first step is just knowing that we aren't opposed to the idea and want to embrace it.
    Looks like its finally happening.