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Balance Updates October 7, 2020

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  • Balance Updates October 7, 2020

    Balance Updates October 7, 2020. For full hero changes check the source link!

    • Both The Lost Vikings and Leoric are flooding our RISK team with intentional feeding false positives. To keep ARAM as healthy as possible we are temporarily removing them from the mode.
    • Map
      • Tower, Fort, and Keep damage to enemy Heroes increased by 10%.
      Developer Comment: We’ve given our tower changes some time to settle, and while we like how their current targeting mechanism works, we believe we went a little too far in lowering their damage. We’re giving them some of their teeth back so that enemies who tower dive have a little less time to hang around in their opponent's base before they have to disengage.
    • Healing Fountains
      • Health and Shield values swapped. The Shield value now accounts for 75% of the total Health.
      • Shield regeneration rate increased to 10% of total Shields per second.
      Developer Comment: We've heard feedback that players dislike how their Healing Fountains can be sniped by the opposing team early in the game. While we agree that this can be frustrating, we don't want to completely remove alternative strategies for creating an advantage. We're experimenting with a change to move the total Health of the Healing Fountains to be much more in favor of a Shield that quickly regenerates instead of Health. This should make it riskier for players to snipe Healing Fountains, as they will not get any value unless they destroy the building, while also rewarding players who are able to protect their Healing Fountains early in the game