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PTR Patch Notes April 1, 2021

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  • PTR Patch Notes April 1, 2021

    PTR Patch Notes April 1, 2021! I'm surprised we got some notes <_<

    Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until April 8th. As always, if you encounter any bugs during your PTR play sessions, please stop by the PTR Bug Report 59 forum to let us know about your experiences.

    New Hero: Blackthorne (Ranged Assassin)

    Blackthorne | King of Androth4200×2850
    After years of waiting his destiny on Earth, Kyle Blackthorne has finally come home to face the galaxy’s most terrifying mutant monsters and goblin hordes. With brute strength, animal cunning and a lead-spewing shotgun he’s on a quest to reclaim his once peaceful Planet Tuul.

    With his home world saved, Blackthorne, now roaming the world again in pursuit of his destiny, finds himself in the Nexus.
    King of Androth [Trait]

    Basic attacks splash in a cone in front of you, each time you attack a target your damage increases against them by 5% up to 50%, lasts for 5 seconds per target.Grenade Launcher [Q]

    Fire a grenade that explodes in the targeted location, dealing 200 damage and causing the next Basic Attack against hit enemies to deal 100% additional damage and heal for 20% of the damage dealt, increased to 40% against heroes.Hover Bomb [W]

    Send forth a hovering bomb that can bounce off terrain and Structures. If an enemy hero gets close to the bomb, it detonates, dealing 140 damage in an area and slowing enemies hit by 35% for 2 seconds.
    Dash [E]

    Dash to the target area. While Dashing and for 0.5 seconds, Blackthorne evade enemy Basic Attacks.Wasp [R1]

    Deploy a Wasp with 300 health to an enemy Hero, dealing 240 damage over 3 seconds, then explodes dealing 400 damage to all nearby enemies and silencing them for 2 seconds.Fire Bomb [R2]

    Throw a Fire Bomb that explodes at a target location, dealing 300 damage in a large area and lighting it on fire, dealing 40 damage per second and slowing enemies by 50%. Lasts 5 seconds.

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    Introducing Cards

    Cards is a new system that makes unlocking new heroes much easier and more fun, this should allow players to own heroes more quickly.

    Cards come in different types which can be:
    • Role Cards: Grants a hero in that specific role.
    • Universe Cards: Grants a hero in that specific universe.
    • Wild Cards: Grants any hero.

    Cards will replace hero drops from loot chests and will allow you to unlock any unowned hero based on that Card, if none is available the card will behave as a normal duplicate and grant shards.

    Additionally new players will get the following cards as they gradually level up their new account as follows:
    5 Wild Card Legendary
    10 Tank Card Epic
    20 Healer Card Epic
    30 Bruiser Card Epic
    40 Ranged Assassin Card Legendary
    50 Support Card Legendary
    To all our veterans and already above level 50, you will receive a role card for each role as follows:
    • Legendary Ranged Assassin Card.
    • Legendary Melee Assassin Card.
    • Legendary Support Card.
    • Epic Tank Card.
    • Epic Healer Card.
    • Epic Bruiser Card.
    Developer Comment: In an attempt to make the nexus more accessible and grants more motivation to play, we came up with the Cards system! This should replace our previous level up system for new players and help them getting a nice boost in expanding their current rooster with at least 1 for each role, causing them to pretty much fill in every single role possible by playing the game normally.

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    Heroes of the Storm and all Blizzard games are now available on Steam!

    Enjoy your favorite games now with more unique features like a Community Hub, Guides, Groups, Achievements and even another discussions page!

    (Steam Trading Cards, Wallpapers and Nexus custom made Emojis will be available shortly for personal usage)

    And don’t worry about your progress, simply connect your Steam account with your Blizzard account to continue playing like you normally do!