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  • Sylvanas Rework

    Original Article:

    Sylvanas The Banshee Queen

    HoTS Birthday & Cost (Link): March 24, 2015 & 625 Gems / 7000 Gold

    Sylvanas Wiki Entries Wikia (Link) Gamepedia (Link) Liquipedia (Link) Nexus Compendium (Link)

    Balance History (Link)

    List of Pro Builds (Link)

    List of Recent Streamer Builds (Link)

    Hero Spotlight Videos Trailer (Link) Rework (Link)

    Sylvanas Rework w/Rich (Link)

    Sylvanas Analysis w/NotParadox Rework Review (Link) Gameplay Analysis (Link) Combo Build (Link)

    Sylvanas received a rework in December 2018 and the heroes popularity on the HotS ladder based on (Link) and HotsLogs (Link) is currently 15% with a 50% win rate over the last seven days.
    • Sylvanas is classified as Medium difficulty to play, do you agree?
    • What strengths and weaknesses do you think players should consider when selecting Sylvanas in ranked play?
    • When do you prioritizing drafting Sylvanas and on what maps?
    • What heroes do you draft to counter a Sylvanas pick?
    • Are there any particular hero synergies to complement a Sylvanas pick?
    • Is Sylvanas an early, mid or late-game hero, and where are the significant power spikes"
    • Is there a particular build you would recommend to someone wanting to learn the basics of Sylvanas?
    • Is there a high skill cap build you favor to optimize Sylvanas's performance and create flashy plays?
    • Do you have any tips or tricks for positioning Sylvanas in team fights and on rotations?
    • Which of Sylvanas's heroics do you favor?
    • Do you use the "On Release" keybind feature for any of Sylvanas's abilities, if so which ones?
    • Do you think Sylvanas is balanced; if not, what abilities or talents should be reworked?

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