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Jungle Changes for 8.10

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  • Jungle Changes for 8.10

    Jungle Changes for 8.10

    We're going to have some decently impactful jungle changes show up on PBE over the next few days in preparation for the 8.10 patch. Wanted to touch base here so none of the changes felt like they came out of left field and so players have a centralized place to give feedback over the next week or so.

    • Reduce early lane pressure from junglers
    • Increase the number of jungle v. jungle interactions in the early game
    • Encourage variation in optimal pathing
    • Reduce mana restraints as a hard blocker for champions that want to jungle

    High level tactics:
    • There is now only one Rift Scuttler on the map at any given time. The spawn location will be determined randomly, with a lot of notice given ahead of time to where it's going to spawn. Its rewards are also substantially higher than on Live
    • Jungle experience is down early game: most notably this means that routes to level (3) are not as simple as going Buff -> Camp -> Buff. Instead, you hit 3 with the following routes:
      • 2 standard camps and a Rift Scuttler
      • 3 camps if you include a Krug clear
      • 4 standard camps
    • Talisman will return substantially more mana regen based on your missing mana as you clear the jungle
    • Runic Echoes will get a face lift to make it more mage friendly

    Rift Scuttler Specific Changes:
    • Base Health :: 800 >>> 1200
    • Health Scaling :: 800 +200 (after first spawn) +60 per level >>> 1200 + 25 per level
    • Experience Granted :: 10 >>> 170
    • Respawn Time :: 180 >>> 150
    • [NEW] Now only one exists on the map at a time
    • Initial Spawn Time :: 2:15 >>> 1:40
    • Gold Reward :: 70 >>> 100
    • Mana Reward On Death :: 10-40 (based off missing Mana percent) >>> 50-200 (based off missing Mana percent)

    Will be jumping into this thread throughout the day when I have some spare time to talk about the high level direction. There's a lot of supporting changes for our goals, so the plan is not to get into the weeds until you have the full changelist available on PBE. As always, the changes that first hit PBE are tentative and subject to change. If you feel like a major element is not being considered or neglected, please let me know! We know this is going to impact a wide range of champions in the jungle (that's the intent in large part), and we'll address major outliers and be on the lookout for others negatively impacted. I'm excited for you guys to test it out next week on PBE.