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"Get Jinxed" - Mafia Version

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  • "Get Jinxed" - Mafia Version

    "I've got a recital! ...Everyone's invited!"
    ~Mafia Jinx

    If Mafia Jinx had the swinging jazz cat recital she deserves, we believe it would sound a little something like this! A cover of the original "Get Jinxed" song by Riot Games, this version takes all of the original's anarchist energy and puts it in a musical setting inspired by the Roaring 20's.

    The song can be downloaded here:


    Vocals by Aly Lagana
    Piano by Micah Valdez
    Percussion by Austin Rubic
    Recorded and Mixed by Matthew Rubic
    Video edited by Jordan Lagana

    Based on the song of the same name by Riot Games.

    See you on the Fields of Justice!

    And, as always, scream along if you know the words!


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    Wanna join me, come and play
    But I might shoot you in your face
    Bombs and bullets will do the trick
    What do we need here,
    Is a little bit of panic!

    Do you really wanna catch me?
    Right now I'm feeling ignored!
    So can you try a little harder?
    I'm really getting bored!

    Come on, shooter faster!
    Just a little bit of energy!
    I wanna try something fun right now-
    I guess some people call it anarchy!
    Let's blow this city to ashes,
    and see what Pow-Pow thinks,
    It's such pathetic neatness,
    But not for long 'cause you'll get jinxed!

    So much faster, so much fun,
    Let's start from scratch and blow up the sun!


    Come on, come on,
    And get jinxed!