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Master Yi vs Teemo

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  • Elderfro
    quite the good fight to watch and ended just as I thought it would

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  • Ari
    started a topic Master Yi vs Teemo

    Master Yi vs Teemo

    Master Yi and Teemo face off at (a modified version of) top lane. League of Legends fight animation. Who will win?

    If this video does well, I will be making more League of Legends animations but with an actual story based on lore this time.

    IGN: Pause

    Programs Used:
    - Blender 3D
    - ZBrush
    - Adobe Photoshop
    - Adobe After Effects
    - Adobe Premiere
    - Adobe Media Encoder

    Music Used:
    - Discreation Recurs by Roman Heuser
    -End Game by Per Kiilstofte
    Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

    Follow me on Twitter for updates on my next animations!

    Teemo was a mistake.
    had to share this when I saw this. Teemo scared me when he pulled a knife out lol. Nightmares inc!