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  • Our Forward March

    Those of us fortunate enough to have survived the wars before the League shall suffer no difficulty recalling the horrors committed by the Noxian war machine. These are undoubtedly painful memories for all of us, yet in the wake of the events in Kalamanda, we must again confront them.

    Noxus left our families broken: the children of these wars grew up without mothers and fathers. Even twenty one years after the formation of the League of Legends, we still feel the sting of these wounds. We remember, too, that such wounds are not unique to Demacia alone. Our compatriots in Ionia faced near-unspeakable atrocities at the hands of Noxian soldiers and their reckless chemists. Remember the Freljordian tribes butchered in Noxus’ Pacification campaign in the north. Imagine the faces of their children standing among our own in Demacian orphanages, robbed of a peaceful life by warmongering villains who, if not for the unfaltering devotion of the Demacian army, would have poisoned the soil of Valoran with blood from sea to sea.

    Some would place the blame for this war upon Demacia, claiming us hypocrites and conspirators. People of Valoran, know this: Demacia has once again heard the call of justice to strike down a state that would smile to see the people of Valoran on their knees. We follow the Measured Tread: “In our eternal forward march, we must stomp out evil all across Valoran wherever it may grow. Leave no stone unturned: the roots of one ignored weed will inevitably corrupt the whole of the garden.”

    Citizens of Demacia, do not falter in your convictions: when Prince Jarvan Lightshield IV raised his spear against General Jericho Swain, he did not do so to begin a war. Our prince, in proud Demacian tradition, took arms against a state that wears the skin of a sheep to hide wolf’s teeth. We strike to sever Noxus from Valoran like a diseased limb. Never again will we allow the insatiable bloodlust of the Noxian army to gnaw upon the peace provided by the League of Legends: at Noxus’ every step, Demacia will hold the line—for justice and for peace.

    Demacia: now and forever.