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Noxus Cries Havoc!

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  • Noxus Cries Havoc!

    While a history draped in the glory of combat has hardened the citizenry of Noxus with the expectation of loss, we stand in the wake of a truly unprecedented event in our proud nation’s history. Never before has a General of the High Command been struck down so cruelly or senselessly. Our ancient rivals – having stooped lower than ever in their thirst for our blood – have awakened in us a rage beyond comprehension. Day and night, the howl of our citizen soldiers can be heard echoing through the streets and alleys amid the drums of war and the sharpening of blades. The forges shall burn long into the night as the war machine of Noxus turns!

    While the High Council of Equity has, in their infinite wisdom, seen fit to intercede against us on behalf of these violators of the League’s peace, the people of Noxus remain defiant as ever. With our Eternal General Boram Darkwill struck down, we rally to the side of our esteemed council of commanders. The members of the High Command have put aside their personal vendettas for honor’s sake, instead focusing their efforts on a single, shared agenda: to revenge a wrongdoing against our Empire and the people’s pride that cannot be allowed to stand.

    While our counterattack might be stymied by League intervention for the time being, they cannot change the resolve that beats in the heart of this defiant warrior of the Empire. Proclaiming our fervor unmerited, they would bid us do nothing while they squabble and debate over the right course. If this is an unjust war it is one begat through the hypocrisy of a state founded pretense of virtue, but the practice of treachery.

    It was Demacia’s own crown prince that struck the first blow after our legions held their disciplined reserve following their leader’s assassination. The League’s accusations of warmongering are as slanderous as there are unfounded, and their refusal to serve justice against these self-righteous murders will not be soon forgotten within our hallowed walls. The time for discourse has passed. A storm is coming. And our memory is long.

    Forever strong!