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Veigar Attempts Abduction of Bandle City Mothership

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  • Veigar Attempts Abduction of Bandle City Mothership

    The plans of the mastermind behind the Horseshoe Heist and Balloon Burglary—none other than Veigar, the Tiny master of Evil himself—nearly came to fruition yesterday morning in a grand attempt to abduct Bandle City’s beloved Mothership. While his plans were foiled by a migrating flock of geese, Veigar managed to escape the city following his defeat. The Mothership itself was unharmed by the ordeal.

    Over the past few weeks, the Institute of War has worked alongside the Scouts of the Mothership on investigation of the Horseshoe Heist and the Balloon Burglary in Bandle City. The Scouts of the Mothership confirmed a connection between the two events based on similar traces of magical energy left behind at the respective crime scenes. As the Scouts prepared to continue their investigation yesterday, Veigar reportedly appeared in a burst of dark magic atop the yordles’ famed Mothership. “We had the magical evidence, but we hardly needed it: he’d tied the horseshoes to the stolen balloons and enchanted them both,” said one Scout representative.

    Veigar’s plan quickly became obvious: the horseshoes’ shape allowed them to slip perfectly under the curved metal of the Mothership’s nose cone and his enchanted balloons threatened to lift the Mothership from the ground. A crowd of yordles gathered at the scene gasped as the metal groaned under the strain of the tugging balloons.

    The Tiny Master of Evil addressed the crowd: “Just try to laugh at me now, foolish yordles! We’ll see how long your pathetic ‘unity’ lasts without your precious Mothership!”

    When one concerned onlooker asked what he planned to do with the abducted Mothership, Veigar paused, then replied: “…don’t bother me with the details!”

    As Veigar spoke to the gathered yordles, a flock of sharp-winged thresher geese approached from the west. Veigar remained oblivious to their presence: “He was too busy talking to notice,” said Colin Dee, a Tenderfoot victim of the Balloon Burglary and witness at the Mothership. “He should’ve known, though. Even first-year Tenderfeets know that it’s sharp-winged thresher geese season right now.” The flock of predatory birds passed above the Mothership and sliced though all but one of Veigar’s enchanted balloons, deflating them immediately.

    In the face of impending and accidental defeat, Veigar tugged the final balloon free of its horseshoe and began to rise into the sky, claiming that Bandle City “hadn’t seen the last of him” and that he would “get them next time.” However, League Champion Teemo, having just arrived at the Mothership, took aim and burst Veigar’s last balloon with a single dart. The Tiny Master of Evil plummeted into the tree line just outside the city.

    Bandle City officials were unable to locate the Tiny Master of Evil following his escape from the battle, noting that it is likely he escaped through magical means. Most efforts were focused on inspection of the Mothership, which, despite its preexisting state of disarray, had miraculously suffered no apparent damage.

    Many onlookers, however, commented in disdain that the Mothership appeared to have shifted “just slightly to the left.”