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Intruder Discovered in Kalamanda's Prison

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  • Intruder Discovered in Kalamanda's Prison

    An anonymous tip led remaining Demacian guards in Kalamanda to the remnants of the local prison last night, resulting in a scuffle with an unidentified intruder. The suspect was caught searching the same ward in which the Demacian prisoner was assassinated in June. After a violent confrontation with the Might of Demacia and a host of guards, he escaped into the night. Investigators have since been unable to track him.

    Before the outbreak of war in Kalamanda, a Demacian soldier who had publically confessed to conspiracy against Noxus by order of Jarvan IV himself was mysteriously assassinated. He was found dead in his cell shortly after his confession, a victim of Nyzer poisoning, and investigators were unable to find any evidence left behind by the culprit.

    Last night, however, Demacian representatives received an anonymous message hinting that the assassin would return to the prison to retrieve "evidence left undiscovered." Garen, the Might of Demacia himself, led a group of responders to the prison shortly before midnight. "The assassination of Thom Garvin was Noxus' attempt to silence him," stated Garen. "Demacia will take every measure to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice."

    At the prison, the small Demacian force discovered an unidentified intruder searching the cells. Garen reportedly ordered the man to stand down, but a fight ensued nonetheless. "He was too fast with his blades," said Elim Relgar, one of the soldiers present at the scene. "Only Garen could match him. He almost had the intruder cornered, but the bastard disappeared right out from under us."

    Following the fight, investigators searching the area discovered no new evidence for the assassination of the Demacian prisoner.

    A note left by the intruder in Kalamanda’s prison.

    However, the intruder left behind several daggers and a torn note, pictured above. Thus far, the content of the note has yet to be deciphered.

    League officials in Kalamanda will remain on watch for the mysterious individual in the coming days. Garen requested that a small group of Dauntless Vanguard join their patrol, but the request was denied. "We have allowed small groups of Noxian and Demacian forces to oversee the extraction process and the construction of the Crystal Scar provided they remember one thing: the war is over," stated High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye, overseeing the League's continued presence in Kalamanda. "The League will continue to quell any action that could result in renewed violence."