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Gragas Partners with Singed in Business Venture

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  • Gragas Partners with Singed in Business Venture

    The rumor mill surrounding Gragas, the Rabble Rouser’s arrival in Zaun this past week has been spinning faster than a dazed, drunken yordle in a funhouse. There were many theories flying about, all of them absurd, all of them credible, and, ultimately, all of them wrong. Some said that he was here in town to look for inspiration towards his latest masterpiece by sampling the local brews. Others theorized that he’d heard of some dangerous new mixture and was here to drink himself under the table. And still others theorized that the Noxian guard force was simply a bit too on edge for him to fancy a visit given the current political climate.

    No one, it seemed, would have been willing to believe that there was no carousing on the agenda for our favorite rambunctious drunkard. But as it turns out, none of these popular rumors had landed anywhere close to the mark. Rather, the famed brew master was in town for business, not pleasure. Apparently, back at the Institute of War, he and Singed had been wheeling and dealing over distribution rights for some of Gragas’ various famed concoctions.

    Chairman Stanwick Pididily was less interested in the reason for Gragas’ arrival and more interested in taking measures to keep him from laying waste to the city.

    After all, during a previous visitation, it’s been said that the famed champion of the League inadvertently started one of the worst chemical fires in recent memory by upending a large tank of industrial coolant he’d mistaken for a cask of beer in a drunken haze. Three corporate properties were lost in the wake of the burnout, including the warehouse storing fireworks for that year’s Snowdown festivities. The resulting explosion caused a city-wide panic, not to mention spoiling Snowdown spirit for the remainder of the season.

    While Gragas’ coveted concoctions were once so rare they were only attainable through the efforts of the most well-to-do connoisseurs, it appears as though the big man has decided to go global. Naturally, Zaun’s position on the mainland along with its well-established chemical industry makes it a natural phase one in his distribution plan. They say Singed is already in the process of refitting some of his substantial factory holdings with proper liquor stills built completely to the specifications of his new business partner. But the Rabble Rouser himself has also confirmed that he has appointments to set up brewing operations for his various recipes in both the icy northern reaches of Freljord and back down in my old stomping grounds of Bilgewater.

    Raise your glass, mates, and have a toast to Gragas and Singed! The next time you’re ready to toss one back in Runeterra’s famous industrial paradise, you might be able to call for whatever the Rabble Rouser himself recommends! An exciting thought for both the drunk and the brave!