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Ivory Ward Marketplace Destroyed

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  • Ivory Ward Marketplace Destroyed

    During the night, a battle erupted within Noxus’ famous Ivory Ward marketplace late last week, devastating the area’s main square. Noxian authorities have ruled the fight a political squabble related to the turmoil still raging in High Command after the death of Boram Darkwill.

    The black of night shrouded the whole of the Ivory Ward when guards responded to the disturbance in the marketplace area. The Ivory Ward itself is one of the oldest and most wealthy districts in Noxus, and military-assigned guards in the area are sparse because its tenants typically hire private security. Last Thursday night, only one guard was close enough to respond to the disturbance, but he arrived too late to apprehend the perpetrators.

    “Cries rose up from behind the Morcef District wall, where I was patrolling,” said Larin Daris, “followed by the noise of battle. From the sound of it, I needed reinforcements, so I called for backup.” Daris and his men arrived at the scene to discover a wealth of destruction from the battle that had taken place—debris, scattered wreckage of merchants’ stands, and blood—but not a soul in sight. “All of that mess, and everyone had ditched the party.”

    Noxus has seen an increase in outbreaks of violence since the assassination of Boram Darkwill, as his death has High Command in turmoil over the rightful successor to his title. The power struggle has trickled down into the rest of Noxus as citizens take arms in support of the various Generals vying for the seat of the Grand General.

    “It’s been a gradual escalation,” stated High Chancellor Hawkmoon. “We’ve had plenty of bar fights and a number of squabbles between military units under different Generals. The Ivory Ward is home to the oldest families of Noxus, and they hold a great deal of sway. But the problem of filling the Grand General’s seat has everyone divided. Whatever happened that night is tied to what is happening in the halls of High Command.”

    The compromised marketplace remains under investigation by Noxian authorities, and residents of the Ivory Ward have drastically increased their security. No casualties have been confirmed, but one merchant whose stock was destroyed, Vexus Nirac, has not been seen since the day before the marketplace battle. “He may have been involved, and in that case, any information we may gain from him would be of value. I understand that there is an order out for his arrest, but thus far, his whereabouts remain unknown.”