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Alowicious Chucat Dies in Magical Fire

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  • Alowicious Chucat Dies in Magical Fire

    Lead Archaeologist and Master Artificer Alowicious Chucat was killed last night when a magical explosion set Chucat’s study and the entire eastern wing of the Arcanum Majoris ablaze. Authorities say that he had been working on a commission for the League which went destructively awry after a misstep in his experimentation.

    Artificers at the Arcanum Majoris stated that Chucat had been commissioned by the League to rework and retune an existing League-sanctioned artifact for use on the Field of Justice. “We receive tasks like this quite frequently,” said Doan Whitker, an Assistant Artificer. “It’s difficult work, but it is not usually considered dangerous. The only real difference is that Chucat had been working on something that had been previously decommissioned, but that doesn’t explain this kind of reaction.”

    The unexpected blast from Chucat’s experiment immediately incinerated everything in his study and spread to the adjacent hallway. The other residents of the eastern wing were able to extinguish the fire and quell the loosed wild magic that drove it.

    Chucat, however, did not escape, and his death was confirmed an hour after the accident.

    “He was always straying a bit too far towards danger,” said Meriz Claudren, one of Chucat’s assistant artifact inspectors. “It was the Zaunite blood in him, I think—he liked to add a bit of risk to everything he touched. In his archaeological endeavors, he chose the most dangerous dig sites—nearly always south of the Great Barrier. As an Artificer, he invented the Manamune by accident experimenting on a design with a blueprint vastly different than the final item.”

    While the Institute of War has entered a period of mourning, the Arcanum Majoris has named Ramune Numer, a long-standing League Artificer and friend of Chucat, as the successor to the late Lead Archeologist. Numer has accepted the title with great humility, pledging to complete all of Chucat’s remaining affairs before tending to his own.

    ”I’ll begin with the item Chucat was working on at the timeof his death—from the remnants discovered in his study, it appears to be the decommissioned Locket,” stated Ramune Numer. “I will see Alowicious Chucat’s work completed. The man would have wanted it that way: his greatest pleasure always was seeing his endeavors come to fruition.”