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Gragas Opens Northern Brewing Operation

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  • Gragas Opens Northern Brewing Operation

    Ah, Freljord, my home of homes. Any man who’s ever sprinted along the frozen steppes of this land with an icy tundra breeze in his hair will tell you that there is a reason that we settled these inhospitable wilds. For a man of action, there’s no better home than her frosty crags and frozen pine forests. Nature rules in Freljord, and each day is another blessing from Runeterra herself.

    Of course, when a cold day here in the North chills you to the bone, nothing soothes your cold, aching limbs better than a stiff drink. And, as the fates would have it, there’s never been a better time to get one in Freljord. Gragas, the Rabble Rouser, has made the journey to the Avarosa Iceflow, Freljord’s Northern-most glacier in search of the purest waters in all of Runeterra. Atop this wellspring, he is constructing the first large scale brewing operation for what may be his most famous libation: the legendary Graggy Ice.

    The League champion arrived not more than a week ago with a mind to stake his claim to this arid ice field. Meeting with our liege and lady, King Tyndamere and Queen Ashe, the Rabble Rouser impressed upon his hosts the significance of this far-flung locale to his brewing art, imploring them to entrust it into his custody.

    Seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the development of an otherwise treacherous territory, our wise monarchs were more than happy to oblige.

    And so it came to pass that Gragas signed an agreement to lease the Avarosa Iceflow from Freljord for an astonishing 9,000 years, ensuring that this cherished water supply will be his for the brewing long into the future. His dealings with our leaders were then concluded appropriately and according to tradition: with a drink.

    Construction on his new brew house – which will be built nearly entirely out of the ice itself – has already begun, and specially machined stills designed by Gragas’ business partner Singed, the Mad Chemist, arrived in Freljord port this morning. In his zeal to complete the project, the Rabble Rouser has recruited nearly every transport agency in the city to help move his precious cargo north through the mountains to the build site regardless of their asking price.

    With these new plans here in the North so soon following the conclusion of his dealings in Zaun, one cannot help but wonder what has prompted the formerly reclusive champion to transform so quickly from isolationist to global entrepreneur. One thing is certain: Freljord will doubtless be toasting to the Rabble Rouser’s name in the coming months.