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Jarvan IV Returns to Demacia

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  • Jarvan IV Returns to Demacia

    Early this week, the Crowned Prince made his first appearance in Demacia since the conflict in Kalamanda when he was seen escorting two prisoners into the city. Jarvan IV was greeted at the castle gates by Garen Crownguard, who offered the prince his assistance but was commandingly turned away before the gathered crowd.

    "His arrival was completely unannounced," said Vel Karris, a Demacian guard on duty at the city's eastern gate. The prince reportedly arrived on horseback and had two hooded prisoners with him, but was otherwise alone. He informed the guards that he was escorting the prisoners to the castle dungeons. "The prince was very clear that no questions were to be asked."

    Jarvan IV rode immediately towards the castle. His unexpected arrival gathered a considerable crowd. Since the events in Kalamanda, the prince's situation has been a subject of concern in Demacia, and citizens were considerably reinvigorated by his return. Despite the warm reception, the prince did not stop to acknowledge his citizens. Garen Crownguard, having been informed of the prince's return by the Demacian Guard, prepared to meet him at the castle gates.

    However, when Garen broke through the crowd, Jarvan IV ordered him to halt.

    Onlookers report that the prince informed Garen that his assistance was unnecessary. Garen protested and stated there was "much to discuss," but Jarvan turned him away. Garen questioned Jarvan as to the identity of his prisoners, and though the gathered crowd echoed his curiosity, Jarvan replied with this statement: "This is the business of the crown. Your loyalty is appreciated, Garen, but the Dauntless Vanguard has no place in this matter. Stand down."

    Garen complied with his prince's command and withdrew from the gates. Following the confrontation, Jarvan IV entered the castle with the prisoners. Since his appearance early this week, the prince has not been seen outside of the castle's walls, and the nature of the prisoners' arrest has not been disclosed to the public.

    "Much of the weight of the situation following Kalamanda has fallen onto the shoulders of the prince," stated Garen when questioned about his confrontation with Jarvan IV. "It is not my place to question his orders. I am certain that Jarvan has reasons for his actions and that all will be clear in time. Demacia stands resolute behind the crown."