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Powerful Magical Disturbance in Shurima

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  • Powerful Magical Disturbance in Shurima

    Officials at the Institute of War detected an enormous magical disturbance south of the Great Barrier early last week. A dispatched team of investigators found a tomb unearthed by a massive explosion in the Shurima Desert, where the disturbance is suspected to have originated. The source of the explosion has yet to be determined.

    "Magical disturbances south of the Great Barrier are not at all uncommon," explained League Representative Mycroft Zimmer, leader of the investigation. "But this stood apart from the rest. The disturbance was immense—our detection devices nearly went haywire." With such powerful readings rare and often implicative of danger, the Institute immediately dispatched Zimmer and his team to investigate.

    Utilizing a Piltovian zeppelin, the team crossed the Great Barrier and arrived in Shurima two days after the initial disturbance. Zimmer kept field equipment on hand, noting that the detected magical energy decreased significantly after its initial spike. The residual energy was enough to lead the team to the location of the disturbance, however.

    "We flew over what appeared to be the site of a massive explosion. We could see the crater from a mile away," explained Runaan Eversky, Zimmer's second-in-command. "The explosion wiped out what had previously been the site of a cluster of Shurima's ruins, but it unearthed a tomb we never knew existed."

    Investigators discovered the highest concentration of residual arcane energy within what remains of the unearthed tomb. Though speculation amongst the team is rampant, Zimmer's men were unable to discover anything to identify the cause of the explosion.

    "None of the artifacts we found in the tomb tell us what actually happened there," stated Zimmer. "But none of it should be taken lightly. The tomb contained statues with their arms and legs bound. We have not fully translated the markings on its shattered stone walls, but early reports indicate that they tell the story of some kind of crime."

    Zimmer's team returned to the Institute of War with some of the artifacts for further study. They have since remained on high alert, monitoring their equipment for any signs of further disturbances. "We have a lot of theories,” explained Eversky. “The most likely explanation is that someone used a great deal of magic to break open the tomb in order to rob from it—but it really could have been anything.”