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  • Lets do this on The Rift

    Hello there, Bargainbin here wanting to say I'd like to play with a more people and new faces. I like to mainly play Summoners Rift Normal 5v5 and Ranked, I'm currently only gold 2 this season was plat 2 last season. I main support, but looking more to get into jungle with new Skarner Changes.

    My LoL Name is Bargaincrate (Apparently Bargainbin was a mean word and they didn't let me have it. )
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    Hey Bargain i just started LoL recently
    Just hit Level 20!
    My only Goal is to play (and Master) Jungle
    Maybe you have any little hints how to be a good Jungler


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      Tips for Jungling:
      1: Know the Routes for Junglers, This will help you understand where you need to go and what the enemy junglers are going to be or possibly be for setting up counter ganks.
      2: Optimize gold, You want to not sit around too long waiting for Ganks to happen you want to efficently balance gold and Ganks
      3: Know the lanes you are ganking, know what their abilities are what major escapes they have and so you can better plan and gank or force something out of them without trying to blow to much.
      4: Practice..Practice..Practice, you may not have a great jungle game around the first few times you do it but constant practice and not letting games get to you is a great way to keep pursuing and advancing.
      5: Have a knowledge of what to do where your at and where the enemy team is, Like say you just gank top and get a kill and bottoms wards sees the enemy team going to Dragon you want to go and push top and take tower, or say you saw the enemy jungler just died and your near his jungle go in there and take some of his jungle Large creeps like Big Wraith and Golem, or if a buff is up and you have a good clear speed go for it, but make sure you have an idea of where wards are, sometimes top mid and bot like to come protect their own assets.
      6. Pings are your friends in most cases letting your team know you want a certain objective and they kind of need an annoying little ping to get them to realize hey bots dead and we can go for dragon or hey I'm coming into gank start fighting to bait them in.
      7. All in all its just a lot of time need to be spent and you just need to encounter a lot of different scenarios and how to deal with them.
      [Current Runs]
      FF4 PC Any% - 4:34:28 PB
      Trojan Any% - 8:42 PB


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        Bargain, I'm trash play with me, add my main and smurf(NA server Toddd, and ThegreatToddman) help me grind up!!
        Todd C.

        My personal bests (PB Tracker)